Let’s be positive hero for a better community.

Have you ever thought how: how to do good, how to share, how to be better?

Let's be sticking with kindness
Bring and share the good of the community, better yet, not pitting or other crimes.

Captions from top left to bottom right:

  1. A 18-year-old high school student was carrying her to school every day for the last 3 years because of his disease muscular dystrophy. Heroes Take Your Honor, is currently more careful choosing to take responsibility and menkjadi blessing. No matter you are young.
  2. For the people of Indonesia: Heroes, you are keeping the red and white fly in the Homeland.
  3. The first comes to your aid are those who know how it feels to fall. Not just a victory but Together Achieving Objectives and The Finish Line with Strong.
  4. True hero is one who changed all around her disability into an Ability.
  5. A Panda Panda helping others reach a guardian to be high enough to cooed. At other times more important to get valuable than yourself, that’s the Real Heroes.
  6. Mark Bustos working full time in sebum salon that cost very expensive. Every week, Mark around the streets of New York to provide free haircuts to the homeless. Money is not everything. Serving those around us is far especially glorious. A hero to the people.
  7. For the sake of living for Family, Old Man Selling Ice Cream in the Middle of the Sea. A Hero who are willing to sacrifice for the future of the beloved 2orang.
  8. Story Fatta, SD Hold boy and sister in Class Rawat. Learn and continue to learn to develop all the potential.
  9. Twins Lena and Leni once Scavengers now the Indonesian athletes who excel. Never Surrender to nature, A Hero continues Hope and Striving Reversing state. From Nothing to Beyond Human.

Come together for a better Indonesia.

Let viralkan before the date of 10 November 2018 to commemorate the hero who had fought a great family unity and nation Homeland Pancasila Indonesia Raya.

Indonesia live musical greetings for a very wealthy even better.

PAULusSANtoso.com Widjaja (PSW)

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Money site bitcoin connection report

Money site bitcoin connection report / review based on experience.

As a starting point, I just want to remind ourselves:

The Love of MONEY is the root of all evil.

So, if the bitcoin blockchain system can eliminate crimes then let us use it – but, if this bitcoin blockchain crypto system is even used for money laundering / scamming / internet crimes / etc, then let us develop another way / system.

Why we need bitcoin system? The financial dream is: Decentralisation of the money system and this makes the formal banking system may be afraid of getting fierce competition, but my proposed idea: why not having a coopetition until well proven which one is best, the safest, best documented of every single transaction, best pinning down scammers and any sort of crime even corruption, etc to make our society is the best and safest place to live in. But, prophetically – there should be a system which later on could be and will be taken over by the devil to sit on the system to control the world.

But, anyhow – we are the world! So, either we want to just accept our fate or we want to decide what kind of living quality we want to have.

Bitcoin or crypto currency is trying to get a better grip in our financial world with hope can be a better financial solution for a better exchange among us, but of course we have to test which systems are proper and which other ones are crabs and should be eliminated from our society. Documentation will show where the problem of the lost of the money. Please check from the bitcoin transaction documentation of the delivery process and progress giving the result. With WiFi Bitcoin (I join their telegram group), they can help getting money back from fraud and pin point the criminal based on the documentation of the transfer process. Cool! So, let us see with this LocalBitCoin system. N.B.: In learning and studying the process and progress to gain proper results, I have quite a few bitcoin accounts to put things into practice.

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I don’t know how many changes of website names over the period of we are viewing ads and paid $ 0.10 or 10 cents for every click? With me? I’ve got these:
1. http://agmoney.bid
2. http://egimoney.club
3. http://frumoney.site
4. http://utmoney.site
5. http://oxumoney.site
6. http://ewumoney.club
7. http://idmoney.bid
8. http://ufemoney.win
9. http://oxymoney.win
Etc don’t know what the limit is and here’re they are some more:

Ruzmoney.club Hatmoney.club Patmoney.club Normoney.club Stmoney.club Whomoney.club Wotmoney.club Soxmoney.club Nowmoney.club Tefmoney.club Egmoney.club Jobmoney.club Mesmoney.club Codmoney.club Suremoney.club Runmoney.club Memoney.club Tazmoney.club Kopmoney.club Donmoney.club Ponmoney.club

To check Who Is behind those sites, please visit: https://www.internic.net/whois.html

then put in the domain name you want to know – you can check mine, too!

Who is behind the LocalBitCoin.com and LocalBitCoin.net ?


And it does not matter whatever the name of the website is, just put your id and password then log in – bam you’re in! Could you see how the company behind these money sites has manage the interconnection among those different money sites? If this were scam, then every authority in this world and interpol have to deal seriously.

But, in this generation of The NOW Technology – only mad people building such a powerful system just for doing a mere scam. If this what I thought (from the wrong spellings) sort of Russian system is well proven working right – then this system may be one of those can be part of my dreamed Musical Solution AI System.

At the moment, I have been processing to prove how serious they are serious with their promise:
1. Because I put in my credit card number and they say it was OK, but I had to reach at least $250 and get at least 40 followers – so, while every time I was on the road in a shuttle Jakarta<->Bandung commuting to my office.
2. But, by the time I reach more then $250 and followers of 40. When I claim / draw the said money, I got this:

Dear paulussantoso!

Your account is not approved.
The approval time will be approximately 30-60 days.
You can also pass quick verification procedure(3-5 min.)
and immediately receive money

Start quick verification

And after clicking the “Start quick verification, I got this:

Express verification procedure

For quick verification, you need

Do top up account on $ 10

Bitcoin account Number

You can replenish the Bitcoin account of the seller
through the site Localbitcoins.net or through the terminal

Instructions for paying a Bitcoin account

Instruction for replenishment of Bitcoin account

Find the Bitcoin terminal in your city

After the receipt of money to the Bitcoin account, the 2377.55 $ will be transferred to you within 5-10 minutes.

even till now!

And even after I had transfer at least twice and more than $10 each via LUNO and BlockChain, every time I check by clicking: Express verification procedure by clicking: Check receipt of payment

So far, I always get this:

The amount of $10 has not been received.

 This a screen shot from my Luno’s Support.


And? Here is the support communication back up:


Here you can contact support and see the reviews other users


paulussantoso My setting was to be transferred into my credit card, does it mean I have to by bit coin or bitcoin cash using my credit card or also ok using my paypal which is connected to my credit card? So, far I had transferred via LUNO had to be split into 2 transfers summing up more than $10 for sure to 1LDu9UNH8deKZSQCerpU8f6uJdke5JswMF and then BLOCKCHAIN to Martin Wood 1Chjmnp1cC7nt2ndAvj69oq2c1SA5Q77cA $11. Is the transfer of $10 must be done via localbitcoin.net only? Thank you whoever you are to help me with those at least 47 people waiting the good news from me. Some of them have not succeed yet, either.
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso Mr Martin Wood how long should I wait? My withdraw still in trouble. I have sent to your bitcoin address as you requested and noted in the bitcoin system. Thank you for keeping me waiting while clicking to kill my dormant time. Why? Like some of those friends, this money sites series may belp my money problem,too!
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso Mine is not resolved yet.
Administration: [No replies]

HelenaGilmore2000 Good luck to everybody!, especially the project managers!
It looks like I am finally able to solve my financial problems! Hurray, I‘m shocked!
I collected 800 dollars for three days, but I could not recruit referrals.
Decided to buy them on the exchange, transferred money, and after 3 minutes they were already in my account!!!
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Happiness to all, good luck and health! If there are questions, write to the email helenagillmore100@gmail.com
I am happy to answer!)))Review added 12/06/2018 21:57
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso https://blockchain.info/payment_request?address=1Chjmnp1cC7nt2ndAvj69oq2c1SA5Q77cA For 1LDu9UNH8deKZSQCerpU8f6uJdke5JswMF
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso Hello Mr Martin Wood, are you still with us?
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso Bitcoin block explorer and currency statistics WALLET Login DATA Charts Stats Markets API Business ABOUT Team Careers Press Blog BLOCK, HASH, TRANSACTION, ETC… Transaction c302cf486e745383b6fac25dad45d707a7567fcb23cf5fc2c5110cbc64fdb113 3JXRVxhrk2o9f4w3cQchBLwUeegJBj6BEp 1LDu9UNH8deKZSQCerpU8f6uJdke5JswMF 0.00141414 BTC 1Lf7QrprhaGPHhFeF9WyKEr3p7RhaosjQr 0.065625 BTC 1E24hUK3gXAv3Rt8rdfS582tSC4KuJ2LEq 0.065625 BTC 3422VtS7UtCvXYxoXMVp6eZupR252z85oC 3.28174834 BTC Summary Size 475 (bytes) Weight 1135 Received Time 2018-06-05 20:37:00 Included In Blocks 526193 ( 2018-06-05 21:46:18 + 69 minutes ) Confirmations 638 Confirmations Visualize View Tree Chart Inputs and Outputs Total Input 3.41443024 BTC Total Output 3.41441248 BTC Fees 0.00001776 BTC Fee per byte 3.739 sat/B Fee per weight unit 1.565 sat/WU Estimated BTC Transacted 0.00141414 BTC Scripts Show scripts & coinbase Blockchain Logo PRODUCTS WALLET API BUSINESS THUNDER RESEARCH EXPLORER CHARTS MARKETS STATS COMPANY ABOUT TEAM CAREERS INTERVIEWING FAQ PRESS BLOG SUPPORT HELP CENTER TUTORIALS LEARNING PORTAL STATUS ENGLISH BITCOIN ADVANCED VIEW ENABLE © 2017 BLOCKCHAIN LUXEMBOURG S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIVACY TERMS
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paulussantoso Bitcoin block explorer and currency statistics WALLET Login DATA Charts Stats Markets API Business ABOUT Team Careers Press Blog BLOCK, HASH, TRANSACTION, ETC… Transaction 5c67e16128e02e11ffc0ec96c0309a1708da9f6959a4866dd51254237a175b90 1HB1NFbE7ttZVDBin4pgomK9yx555pB39Q 1H3h41xrLKFpwCTmysrzabTWCwSwx66EyV 1Bbhwg7GhJL4XZbwvJkniUiWofb93ozxKG 0.00079777 BTC 1Chjmnp1cC7nt2ndAvj69oq2c1SA5Q77cA 0.00142686 BTC Summary Size 373 (bytes) Weight 1492 Received Time 2018-06-07 07:15:43 Included In Blocks 526390 ( 2018-06-07 07:27:21 + 12 minutes ) Confirmations 440 Confirmations Visualize View Tree Chart Inputs and Outputs Total Input 0.00224333 BTC Total Output 0.00222463 BTC Fees 0.0000187 BTC Fee per byte 5.013 sat/B Fee per weight unit 1.253 sat/WU Estimated BTC Transacted 0.00142686 BTC Scripts Show scripts & coinbase Blockchain Logo PRODUCTS WALLET API BUSINESS THUNDER RESEARCH EXPLORER CHARTS MARKETS STATS COMPANY ABOUT TEAM CAREERS INTERVIEWING FAQ PRESS BLOG SUPPORT HELP CENTER TUTORIALS LEARNING PORTAL STATUS ENGLISH BITCOIN ADVANCED VIEW ENABLE © 2017 BLOCKCHAIN LUXEMBOURG S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIVACY TERMS COOKIES LAW ENFORCEMENT GUIDE ADVERTISE Android App Icon iOS A
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paulussantoso Mine is not solved yet
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paulussantoso Luno still can not solve the problem, sent $11 via BlockChain to 1Chjmnp1cC7nt2ndAvj69oq2c1SA5Q77cA was done but from this site still no follow news via Martin Wood.
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paulussantoso Luno still can solve the lost transfer problem, so I used my BlockChain account to send you $11 to guard not enough complaim. But, I have just checked and the verification is not done yet. Thanks. PSW.
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paulussantoso Done, Martin. Instead, I sent $11 via my BlockChain account PSWbitcoin Wallet. PSW is my initial: Paulus Santoso Widjaja and thats why my user name is PaulusSantoso. Let us built together the bitcoin world system Towards fail and crime proof. Thank you for taking me to be part of the process of human financial history.
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paulussantoso Ok Mr Martin Wood, $10 to 1Chjmnp1cC7nt2ndAvj69oq2c1SA5Q77cA probably via my other account if Luno can solve this problem.
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paulussantoso I had sent even twice to 1LDu9UNH8deKZSQCerpU8f6uJdke5JswMF but your system still say that the $10 not received yet. What should I do? I am also contacting the support of the bitcoin sending/wallet company. From you still yet no reply. By the way, we are rebuilding our new money system based on bitcoin I could see it should be better as every single transaction is well documented.
Administration: Hello, paulussantoso.

Unfortunately, when adding moneys, there was a failure in the database
And your payment has been lost, there is unfortunately no chance to restore it.
We bring to you our deepest apologies and as compensation
We charge 150 dollars to your account. We promise that this will not happen again.
For quick verification, You need to once again top up bitcoin wallet
1Chjmnp1cC7nt2ndAvj69oq2c1SA5Q77cA on $10
I personally check the purchase and send money to you within 10 minutes.
And you can immediately withdraw money.

Yours faithfully
Martin Wood
Project Manager

paulussantoso I had sent twice via LUNO with total must be for sure more than $10, but your system still say that the $10 is not yet met. Why twice? It has limit
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paulussantoso Is that $10 US has to be exactly precise amount? So, far I only have found buying bitcoins in IDR or Euro. Thanks.
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paulussantoso Why the youtube video is banned? Any other replacement? And is there any other option topping up besides LocalBitCoin.com or .net? Tq
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso Is the bitcoin code is mine or somebody elses?
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paulussantoso Why at the first putting my card number it was approved and told to wait till I got at least 40 attracted people, but now even already 45 and while Killing time I keep watching ads interesting enough to click through and even subscribe to some of them. But, still said being not approved and no reply. Just curious. In the past even more then 15-20/years ago I did such as SendMoreInfo etc stuffs. Thank you with hope for an answer I could explain to those asking me. Cheers.
Administration: [No replies]

BredisMalkis Thanks to the administration for a quick check and sending
$ 1500 to my card within 5 minutes! Thanks and good luck))).Review added 18/04/2018 15:07
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso While waiting to get 40 people join in, I have more then $1000 now. How to edit the already approved withdrawal amount of $204 to a bigger value? Thanks.
Administration: [No replies]

paulussantoso How to get a back up of my settings: user id, email I used, password to my in box e.g. every month just as a note to my self just in case I change or some one hacked my account? Thank you.
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Alex Schultz I’ve got the money!! Didn’t expect that !!!. I’ve got $3800!
20 dollars turned to 3820)))), I’ve just got a message from the bank.
I’m surprised. No words to describe my happiness.
But from where do these large amounts come from and how long will such generosity last?
Review added 08.04.2018 15:56
Administration: Hello, Alex!
We have exclusive contracts with advertisers.
We plan to work for a very long time)), you’ll have orders, at least for the next year.

HelenaGilmore2000 Good luck to everybody!, especially the project managers!
It looks like I am finally able to solve my financial problems! Hurray, I‘m shocked!
I collected 800 dollars for three days, but I could not recruit referrals.
Decided to buy them on the exchange, transferred money, and after 3 minutes they were already in my account!!!
In 5 minutes, a message about the receipt of money on the card came!!! Great efficiency!
Happiness to all, good luck and health! If there are questions, write to the email helenagillmore100@gmail.com
I am happy to answer!)))Review added 08/04/2018 15:53
Administration: [No replies]

JemmaRicker I could not believe it till the end))) namely, until the money was transferred to the bank card. Hurrah! Two weeks aren’t wasted, 4800 dollars earned!)) My gratitude to the administration for the opportunity to earn some money! Already withdrew it at the ATM, and I’m going to spend them tomorrow)))
Here is the confirmation screenshot!!!
Administration: [No replies]

Lizzie_Crowley Hello. Would you tell me how long does it take to withdraw money from Webmoney to the bank card? Today, I received $ 2,500. I ordered a bank transfer and wanted to know how long I should wait.
Administration: Hello, Lizzie! The transfer of money from Webmoney to a bank account takes from 1 to 3 working days.

Rebirth Hello. I withdrew money to PayPal for about 5 times, on average $2000-$3000. But I was frightened by the rumors that I have to pay taxes. Is this true? And what will happen if not to pay?
Administration: Yes, that’s right. The individual must pay an income tax at a rate of 13% of all incomes. You can register as an individual entrepreneur and pay taxes by the simplified scheme.

AsyrafSamadHnah Thanks to the administration for prompt solution of the issue with an additional payment for Paypal)))
Administration: We are always happy to help !

Lottie~Tomlinson Hello! I’m getting to work! Wish me good luck)))
Administration: Good afternoon, Lottie! We wish you good luck and success in your work!

HarryGatito Hello! Please tell me the best way to withdraw the amount of 2000-5000 dollars per month? PayPal demanded to pass identification after 3 transfers and send document scans. Maybe, a plastic card is a better option?
Administration: Hello! There is no big difference. Pass identification in PayPal. It takes not too much time but gives more opportunities to withdraw money. By the way, we can consult you if necessary.

KendallSt2000 Hello. Would you tell me the best way to withdraw money from Skrill? I received $ 3950, but the withdrawal limit is $ 3000 per month. Can I withdraw the entire amount immediately? I need money to buy a tablet))
Administration: Hello. You need to verify the account in Skrill, and then you’ll be able to withdraw up to $ 10,000 a month. The instructions was sent to your email.

KenTucky Yesterday, I got $3980 instead of $4000 transferred to the PayPal account. What is the matter? Thank you.
Administration: Hello, Ken Tucky! Perhaps, the commission 0.8% was taken. We are now investigating the case and will report you by email. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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