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Others can be our reflections, just like this picture. No one could live alone with no other substance properly, so do I. Let us collaborate and do things together, especially when alone is too difficult. I did not want to have a family before I got married. I am more into Musical Product Based Solution and Musical Brand Character Based Marketing, but my wife is more into Prophetic Products Selling and my daughter while still helping my wife during her free time with the fashion design she graduated from after being homeschooled - while working for a Korean health equipment company during office time of course. So, here I am a real person gone through various processes and progresses gaining results - even though in some parts of my BLOGs and emails I have to use robots to help me. Oops! Please do not think that a robot always have to look like anyone of us: having arms and legs, head and toes, etc. If you need one or even more I could help you build them for you. But, if you want to learn to build them yourself and make a business out of it like me, then you are just a click away.


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Welcome to my official BLOG for our better living while still alive in this world. And preparing our selves for a better existence in our next lives nearly everybody wants to be in Nirvana, Heaven, or what you may call it happiness ever after - the wildest dream ever hope for.

So, being sort of a unique musician with few strange hard to believe backgrounds (even my own wife doesn't and my daughter doubts), here is PSW the MSDT preparing his retirement from group to start things beyond his past limited by his job. Please learn not to repeat his past wrongs and stupidity he will share here for you to learn and be warned.

Thank you and GOD bless you to be part of this PSW the MSDT loved to travel again being part of others. Cheers![embed][/embed]

Oops! You can contact me via this form I will put here, or my WhatsApp: +62818226997.

Just in case, you are a musician expat and Roland or Boss or Rodgers / Johannus organ user - please visit and utilize the I have prepared and maintain to support my office so I still can work 2 days a week (since early 1990 being nearly a single fighter of all but mostly musical and techie things) at the office: Mondays & Tuesdays. Please contact my office to make an appointment.