Legit home job

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Good, so you are looking for a legit home job? For: home job, working from home, single mom job, single dad job, single parent job? Working from home is good for single parent, the disable made able, people living in off grid or remote area along as there is an internet connection. So, here are some ….  Read More

You don’t need working VISA to apply these jobs

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Yes, my dear. You don’t need a visa to work in any country. Why? Well, we can do it from our homes. Well, you may have been googling: online job, home job, working from home, no working visa, no need visa, visa no need, no work permit visa, vacancy open, open vacancy, job open, open job, ….  Read More

A home-based after school program

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A home-based after school program So, your son’s school does not offer any extracurricular activities. You are worried of depriving your child of all that extra knowledge and fun. What should you do? After school activities need not be taught in a school-like environment by professional teachers in a structured and timely manner. There is ….  Read More

Record keeping in Homeschooling

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Record keeping in Homeschooling A topic that frequently comes up in meetings and forums that deal with homeschooling is record keeping. The importance of record keeping cannot be ignored. It is not only legally required in various States, but also provides important milestones in your child’s learning experience. An interest-initiated homeschooling approach means that the ….  Read More

Maintaining Discipline in Homeschooling

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Maintaining Discipline in Homeschooling When the child stays at home all day, and mommy is the teacher, there are certain issues of discipline at stake. It is easy for he child to misconstrue the freedom he has at home and feel that homeschooling is just a long summer holiday. This is a potential landmine and ….  Read More

Is Homeschooling legal?

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Is Homeschooling legal? Without a doubt, homeschooling is legal in all the 50 States of the U.s. But, that is just about where the similarity ends. Laws and regulations regarding homeschooling vary from state to state. Interpretations of these laws can vary from scholl district to school district. Additionally, these laws may change every year. ….  Read More