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Thank you for your curiosity to visit the part of my 24/7 of me.

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Learning is for a life time while still alive and GOD bless us for at least a reason. The at least 1 reason is you are still alive and reading this. So, let us be careful with what we keep saying. It is ok with good positive things, but with bad things and if it does happen as the energy concentrated and manifested into the words?

The most important things in life have been shifting up into the modern ways, but yet – for sure – we still need to eat and drink while still breathing and our hearts are still beating. So, being fit and healthy is a compulsory.

If animals need shelter, how even more human being? So, we will have that concern, too!

As human kind is created in the image of the Social GOD, it is more likely and already happening that human is creating AI Robots in his own image instead of GOD’s image.

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