Welcome World!

We like it or not, we knew it or not, we are aware or not, we do understand or not, we want it or not, etc – the fact is: We are living in such a musical world with GOD’s faithfulness provideth the musical solutions for every problems occur.

Hi, I am PAULusSANtoso.com Widjaja for musical solutions with passion dreaming and on my way to be The Musical Digital Traveller again by the time I retire don’t know when, but for sure – Learning is for a life time while still living.

Thank you for visiting me the digital way on our journey into the singularity way of living, which for sure it must be musically correct. So, I am open to any musical collaboration: real music, music technology project, Musical AI, Musical BitCoin, Musical Prayer Praise Worship movement, etc whatever positively musical. I leave the negative parts to others (“,).

To be continued…….