How to get a free education

Here are some links which may help you find the best most suitable and belief it or not, youtube is one of the best source nowadays: click this search result.

Looking for nearly free homeschooling programs? Click this search result.

Learn and study from free online educational institution: click this search result.

For sure, try this one I had already try – but for the time being I have to drop out for lacking of time doing the study chores while still working: and this is a real university where you can get your degree from.

Here is the 10 online education list which again, COURSERA is also on this list.

1. Udemy:

2. Coursera:

3. Lynda:

4. Open Culture:

5. EDx:

6. Tuts+:

7. Udacity:

8. Alison:

9. Future Learn:

10.Open Learn:


I did study with The Open University when I was developing my self in UK at Brookwood Park community 1983-1987 and now I am still taking Web Development & Programming Courses with UDEMY. Learning is for a life time – even while homeschooling my GOD’s beloved daughter who is eventually into Prophetic Design.

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God bless us for at least a reason. Widjaja (PSW).