The connection between Fishing Rod and Fish with Money in the mouth?

The connection between Fishing Rod and Fish with Money in the mouth?

Thank you for being part of me and making me being part of you in this such a musical world we need to live in harmony.

Living a life is all about giving, sowing – and by then we receive and reap.

In a real life trading? The rule of the game is: Buy low and Sell high.

In today’s activities, fishing rods seem to be having no connection with what I am trying to share with you.

But, as a matter of facts – in our daily trading: buying and selling activities – at least by using a tool, we could have an easier way to get what we need.

And for sure, you may not get such an open honest way as this:

This blog in a way is sort of that fishing rod, a tool to get any of things got hooked and with hope there are people here in need of tools, knowledge, and skills. Just like if you go into a shop, any shop. The shop itself is a tool to display all of the products to be sold. And when you buy any thing in that shop, you are supporting the life of that shop helping the owner of the shop.

Nowadays, e products are getting more common. So, actually we can sell a tool using another tool or is if selling a fishing rod using another fishing rod – to catch a fish using another fish.

In a way, that’s all about affiliate business. We buy a product, then using the product after we know it – we sell the same product to other people just like as if we are having a shop.

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While we are still living as biological human beings, there are some concerns we need to take care, but without money we can not buy anything – except we go back culturally to the primitive era again: barter system.

So, here are ways of how we could earn a living? Selling what we have: knowledge, skills, products, services, etc.

Now, how we could barter those knowledge or skills or products or services with money in returns? And using an easier way?

Here is the best value Free Give away and nothing to loose to join in and learn as I am learning, too! And I apply it (on my in bahasa Indonesia) based on Indonesian ATM (Amati=Observe, Tiru=Imitate, Modifikasi=Modify based on local market needs). This as our Indonesian Marketing Association friend (Hermawan Kertajaya founder of MARK Plus) puts it: “Think globally, but act locally.”

Hunt it down:

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After mastering it, you can apply this click funnel technique to sell your:

eBook: recipes, courses, stories, do it yourself ideas, etc like I do share with you my Musical Solution Concept/idea you can download it for free.

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After my tidying up the BLOG, then I will start proposing a schedule when we can meet online:

1. Learning how to play musical instruments the creative easier way.

2. Sharing how we could have a better family and better community, not because I have overcome all those problems (then I would have been taken home to heaven, hahahah) – but how we could learn together while how we could monetise it into a product then selling it through our sales funnel people would click and barter it with their money or in economic term “they buy our product”.

3. We always need the tools of our trades to make our lives a lot easier with hope we don’t get lazier – but even more having heart to help the less fortunate – not giving them the fish, but giving then the FISHING ROD or even the proper NET and BOAT if possible with the factory inside.

4. Now, here is a challenge to get you moving and you will get top notch function of the system for 14 days as your fishing rod to get fish with money in the mouth – just like Peter if you know the story.

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Last but not least, let us be aware still living in this mortal world:

1. We need to have money or ways to earn a living to pay our goods.
2. Hence, we need at least a job or business to do our trades without having to be the jack of all trades.
3. There is “no free lunch”! So, while we could get it for free while stepping higher on our learning curve – we are preparing to go up higher then ever – learning while earning as much as possible. When times up, we are already more than ready to pay to get more gain, to sow with tears and sweat at the beginning then to reap with laughter later on. Remember, there is no free lunch. Don’t be a fish, be a fisher even fisher generation with strong working NETwork.

So, brothers and sisters it does not matter young or old even while still in this time and space meaning you are still alive – thank you for reading to down here to fly as high as we could up to a limit (when we die) to help others.

In the next email via this BLOG Subscribe2 system, I would share and warn you how to be aware of spam and scam even more the danger of business traps laid down beautifully by them the fanatic lover of money which has tendency the root of all evil. There are lots of ways to trick the hunted and poached victims. Don’t be like me in the past. My experiencing the bad past is more than enough, you don’t have to fall into the same “devilish” traps.

GOD bless us and use us for sure for at lease a reason, so let us keep collecting those reasons!

From your fellow real human being netizen: WIDJAJA (PSWmusicTECH for musical solutions with passion).


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