End of February 2019 NewsLetter

End of February 2019 NewsLetter

Here is the end of February 2019 NewsLetter the member subscribers should had received this newsletter on February 18th 2019. So, please subscribe to get better and earlier updated.

My dear subscribers, new things have come and out of date info has to be replaced.

As a reminder not only for you, but also for my self – that:

  1. While we are still alive, that means we have to live: breathe, eat, drink, move, etc to get our mortal bodies active – otherwise? Our bodies will become like vegetables in ICU. Let us beware.
  2. Having activity, that means at least one of those activities have to be: earning for a living. The dream is as always: doing a job or business we love and passionate all about it.
  3. Relationship is essential, too! Even so, if we were living in the middle of nowhere (sort of) – still we have to relate to our surroundings: water, soil, plants, animals, occasionally human or even alien (“,). Human is supposed to be like GOD, only caused by the deceived rebellious mind and heart – human becomes so ODD.
  4. My Grand Pa Jack used to remind me: SAN, if only you are into languages to communicate, musically loving to entertain others, understanding how things should better go and come together in a cooking pot or wok, yet never just being satisfied in your own comfort zone – then whenever you are in this world there is nothing to difficult to live in.

Yes, those at least 4 essential items to be aware of will help us to get going before eventually gone.

Now, what’s new?

  1. By being my subscriber, you don’t only get Amazon discount codes (so sorry for going down starting from 30% up instead of 50% even though there a lot more works on my side) and other Free Stuff things to help just in case there are people need to safe money or even helping others by sharing the links to others I don’t even know because there not here on my list.
    Here is the link of the latest Amazon Discount Codes:


will start tomorrow February 19th 2019 bottom up from the list, please. Some has only 1 day flash sale or even only few hours!

  1. Amazon Bounties Of FREE TRIALs Etc While Still Available
    Yes, please share it with others who are also or even need more than you do (“,). Are you still looking for The Amazon Bounties of Free Trials etc while still available, of course? Here they are where you can choose your Amazon Bounty yourself. Enjoy, my friend and please feel free to share this bounty. Here is the link:


and most of them should be available longer than the deadline of the Amazon Discount Code, but – when the QUOTA is overloaded – then they may stop the promo before it is due to end.

  1. Amazon FREE Time UnLimited, If Only You Love Your Kids.
    Yes, for you either with kids or you are a teacher teaching kids or what you may think of – even thinking of giving it as a gift. Even though Kids are not kids forever (we hope they grow into adult hood and not only raging along), but if as early as a baby up to let say their early teens? Well, that quite some lot of money isn’t it? Even so if you still keep it for your younger kids, hmm Jeff Besos should have thought of that kind of trick – ha ha ha. So, here is your link to jump in now:


hoping you and your kids taking this opportunity and enjoying it.

Before closing, let me remind us (well, believe it or not even I forget it, too!) the simple format or way of sharing direct searching concept using my BLOG:

Let say you were looking for something free for yourself or others you want to help, just type like this:


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So simple right? And this way will work on my other sub BLOG:

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http://RolandIndonesia.news which is my utility support BLOG for my office I have been working for since early 1990 as the only musician, techie, coach, consultant, promotor, lobbyist, etc you name it starting when the office was still very very small. Just let me know if you want to learn how to make technology helping your job or business or organisation. I have been still working based on 2 days a week since then till today. So, it is not just yesterday or last year.

In the end, GOD bless us all at least for a reason.

All with Translator widgets to make our communication easier.

Last, but not least – the video links are coming.

Record keeping in Homeschooling

Record keeping in Homeschooling A topic that frequently comes up in meetings and forums that deal with homeschooling is record keeping. The importance of record keeping cannot be ignored. It is not only legally required in various States, but also provides important milestones in your child’s learning experience. An interest-initiated homeschooling approach means that the topic of studies is far ranging and multifarious. Thus, it can be something of a challenge to write quarterly reports for the school district, when it is difficult to classify learning into neatly pigeonholed areas. Record keeping is important not only for the sake of regulations. It is also an exciting way to record and document the learning process of the child. When most of the learning is done through play and there is no clear cut index of topics that have to be covered, it is necessary for the parent to keep some sort of a log which records the child’s progress. The records you keep can be as simple as a daily journal, or as elaborate as a software program. If you participate in a support group, you probably have set forms and requirements. But even so, keeping track of daily work makes reporting easy and efficient. There are various record keeping methods used by various homeschools. Some of the more popular ones are: Journal: This can be maintained by the teacher or the student. This basically aims to keep a log of what was learned and what was done. Recording memorable events that happened in the course of the year is a great way to reminisce later on. Daily planner: Lay out the plans and the assignments for the week in a teacher’s planning notebook. Check each item as it is covered. Maintain a separate area where any additional things can be recorded. This includes educational trips, visits and videos etc. Any extra topics that were covered are also recorded in this area. Make a summary every quarter. Portfolios: This consists of a collection of varied materials that show what the child has achieved and done during the course of study. Portfolio assessment is a very effective way to chart the child’s progress. It gives structure to the otherwise loose and flexible form of schooling called homeschooling. A drawing portfolio will consist of some paintings or sketches that are considered the best in that quarter. A language portfolio may consist of essays, stories, reading-logs, spelling samples or letters. Progress in mathematics, fine arts, history, science and social studies can all be recorded this way. The biggest advantage is that portfolio assessment places control in the hands of the children. Having a tangible record of what they have established eggs them on to greater heights. Other than the above-mentioned systems, there are also purchased record-keeping systems that lay out a good checklist. Some of these allow one to personalize the organizer. Irrespective of the methods used, record keeping in one form or the other is essential. Your child’s future may well depend on the well-maintained record that you have meticulously kept over the years. (word count 507) PSW for your better homeschooling your kids. Learning is for a life time.