The most basic guidance to live a life

The most basic guidance to live a life

For sure, living is all about giving and taking in return as from the beginning we are given already in the first place.

Now, if we are living in a nowhere land in a nowhere forest: we only need to HUNT and FIND vegetables plus water to eat and drink.

But, as a matter of facts – most of us are living in communities and societies all over the world. In this case, at the moment I have been back living in Indonesia after studying and living in Taiwan and UK.

So, wherever we are – we need money to make our lives a lot easier to trade or barter.

We need things to BUY using MONEY.

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Well, you may ask me – why I am giving you those links?

Please bare in mind, that TRADING is the most basic need of activities in this mortal life: BUY lower and SELL higher. While can not BUY yet, just RENT first while SELLing things to gain capital. When having too many, then the to time to RENT out what we are not using or SELL at a good price.

So, you may hinder by saying “I am not a trader” – but as a matter of fact yes we are all are traders.

We go to schools to learn tricks and gain skills etc, then we sell it packed in our working hours to be rewarded with our salary transferred into our accounts.

Now, if we could make money and SAFE – then we can pay our goods.

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Remember, no one can live alone in a no where deserted land.

We are human to live in groups.

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Thank you for your passion and curiosity by reading even down to this very line.

GOD bless us for at least a reason.

PSW for the musical profitable solution with passion in this such a musical life.

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Lady love ……. Lady love ……. Lady love …….

Well, just like in song – right?

Here were some typical of my female friends:

  1. I am fat, but I am healthy.
  2. My body is heavy, but nobody need to lift me up.
  3. I am BIG you know, but I still can run.
  4. My health check up from the lab is still ok, so that means I am ok.
  5. etc.

And believe it or not, I have lost not only my weight to get my body healthier – but also quite a few of those female friends.

You may not be one of my female networking friends …….. YET.

But, maybe since I lost my youngest sister when she was a baby – I feel like having more sisters eventually these days.

So, how heavy are you Lady Love?

or how BIG are you Lady Love?

Maybe how fatty are you Lady Love?

How could you guarantee that you will live longer with too much more fat and some other left over toxic things in your body?

Lady love ……. Lady love ……. Lady love …….

Which one is the better result?

  1. Seems living but actually dying faster than it should be.
  2. Living for goodness sake impacting surrounding people for good.

Now, here is the main subject I would like you to consider:

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Lady love ……. Lady love ……. Lady love …….

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It can… if you avoid the 3 common mistakes shared in this yoga video.

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Lady love ……. Lady love ……. Lady love …….

You just have to see it to believe it here:

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Lady love ……. Lady love ……. Lady love …….

Oops! Lady love ……. Lady love ……. Lady love …….

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