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Good, so you are looking for a legit home job? For: home job, working from home, single mom job, single dad job, single parent job?

Working from home is good for single parent, the disable made able, people living in off grid or remote area along as there is an internet connection.

So, here are some recommendation for you:

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I hope this information would help you earning for a living either as an extra income or main income.
Let us be the best musical profit sniper for our better living as an individual or part of our societies.
God bless us for at least a reason.

You don’t need working VISA to apply these jobs

Yes, my dear. You don’t need a visa to work in any country. Why? Well, we can do it from our homes.

Well, you may have been googling: online job, home job, working from home, no working visa, no need visa, visa no need, no work permit visa, vacancy open, open vacancy, job open, open job, job available, jobs available, job centre, job center

So, if you are desperate finding a job to earn a living while at the same time you have to take care some one you dearly love – then go on reading and get the best most solution for you from these 2 alternatives or even you can do both of them.

They all start free, yes FREE my dear GOD’s beloved.

Here are the 2 links:

1. https://www.homebasework.net/client/login/registration/5946ca8fd076526ee918b8eb413362a9 with most limitation only 10 jobs you can do in each category. So, if let say you get $ 0.10 – $?? for each very simple job and by being limited up to 10 same jobs per day – then you only can get only $ 5 if you choose the $ 0.5 per job. Now, to make $ 50 per day, you have to find and do 10 job categories. And remember, with this company you have to be persistent doing the same job at least continuously for 30 days and not even 1 day off. I have prepared easier links to remember for you or to your relatives and friends to join in, too: http://homebasework.paulussantoso.com or http://bit.ly/paidhomebasework and they all will end up into the same very long name.

2. https://online-home-jobs.com/affiliate.php?id=OHJ48501 with which even in the free mode of membership, there are jobs you can do unlimited times. So, even though this trough this website you can do jobs from all over the world – and the rewards are somewhat less than the one above but you can make money even more in one day in terms of the same free membership mode. It starts from around $ 0.04 for inputing catpcha job even kids can do. And yet people can earn thousands of dollars from this company. Same as above, I also prepare shorter links for you to remember and share the links to your relatives and friends who are also in need of getting a job: http://onlinehomejobs.paulussantoso.com or http://bit.ly/gethomejob

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To back you up, I also have prepare some part of my blog with this link: http://paulussantoso.com/s=home+job

Now, always remember that God’s faithfulness provideth.

And if you have plenty of time to kill by, then I would suggest you take both of them as I do it, too! And, even by sharing this way – it is also part of the job you see.

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From PSWmusikal for musical solutions with passion in Indonesia had lived in Taiwan & UK and travelled around even to Kenya Africa.
Yours sincerely;
PAULusSANtoso.com Widjaja (PSW = Pay aS Way).


Give me a home job?

You are not likely those who ask me: “Hey PAULusSANtoso.com , give me a home job – please. I have to work from home to take care of my family I can not leave them to work at any office.”

But, you are here now!

So, I hope this posting may be a help for you from above – I am only a tool to get this across to you.

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