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Living and being called to be musically talented to be part of the whole musical living solutions, please let us get connected to collaborate giving solutions while we are still alive.
Born into a mixed of: Cigarette Factory founder + Professionals + Ministry + ALL Musically multi talented cosmopolitan huge family, but through BAD experience got to learn things I hope you guys do not have to repeat these stupid things for our better living.
Even more plus the misleading 8-5 job concept, even after working for 1+4,5+30 years office jobs. Do not be like me having to start a business life at 60, EVENTUALLY. Again, do not repeat my stupid mistakes!
I share things by means of my http://ifonlyyoucanthinkof.solutions sharing TRAFFIC and WFH tools, http://payLES.fun sharing discounted products and services, http://ojolali.net sharing and helping ministry brothers and sisters with their businesses and ministries, http://rin.ojolali.net sharing my personal support to my office joining since early 1990 which formerly was RolandIndonesia.news which domain eventually I had to give up and move it as one of my subdomains, besides this official personal blog of mind while still alive.

GOD is good all the time even though the DEVIL is evil all the time. it is human right indeed to be on either side - there is no demarcation place.

Delving into musical living with musical solutions have brought me learning from various special people and studying from various disciplines I will be sharing here, too - so you also can grab the essence of it. So, please subscribe. Thank you, and let be as created ones in GOD's image "reinstalled" with GOD's system.

Do you want to learn music? Learn music the creative ways you can get the links here. Or just search for "free" either in those blogs of mine to find freebies just in case you are short of budget.

By the way, I still keep searching and finding for collaborations, affiliations, etc for our better living societies lives.

The real true GOD bless you! (even though I never know your faith or even thinking & feeling process as GOD for sure having general blessings, too).

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