Learning piano study in coincidence: Alfred, Hoffman, The ONE piano system?

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Learning piano study in coincidence: Alfred, Hoffman, The ONE piano system?

Learning the piano or studying how to play music on a piano has never been so interesting and making new comers so curious.

Here is a sample list from Alfred Piano learning system, playing music is Fantastic, indeed.

Do you still find it too difficult to learn it this way?

So, about this way of learning the piano The Hoffman way:


Is this way of learning how to play the piano still too hard for you? The there is ONE way which is somewhat taken from those kind of ideas above, but by using musical technology to help impacting people who are so desperately want to play the piano – the a lot ONE easier way.

More videos? Click this link below……


Well, starting tomorrow I will be helping the presentation of this The ONE piano System learning as their translator from English perhaps with also some Chinese Mandarin in Indonesia to teachers and music dealers at PT Citra Intirama in Indonesia. I am so curious, not only because I have been working for the company since early 1990 – but as a music teacher, tutor, coach, and helper – there must be not only one way to skin/kill a cat.

By the way, there is more interesting part of those brands I found eventually – and how they are connected proofing how music education is very very very important, indeed for our next generation to learn music even in a much lesser time.

For the Indonesian market, please visit www.citraintirama.com or just in case you need help – well, you’ve got a friend – right? Even if you visit Indonesia and you need a translator or even just some one to guide you.

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