Israelian plus Chinese plus electronic music

This is a musical experiment which was just happened one day and grew into this kind of music.

It has shofar sounds mingle among the Chinese pentatonic recorded the electronic music way, except the shofar – of course.

Just in case you are curious in knowing how this kind of ideas grows, here is the first idea recorded using my mobile phone and consist of acoustic nylon guitar and vocal:

Then, thanks to music technology – just by loading the file into the Garage Band and adding more ideas, here is the outcome even though during the emergency recording there is some tempo glitches:

There is still no shofar sound yet.

When my daughter listened to the idea, she said that the song is rather flat. Yes, as this is only idea and actually everybody could sing it later with his/her own variation/improvisation. So, here it comes the sort of Chinese music version the electronic way:

Living in this modern and nearly everything electronic, so here it comes with the sounds of olden day Shofar to remind GOD with Abraham on mount Moriah:

I hope this sharing may entertain you as my comment and my promise to this interesting blog with little cute Japanese student looks like my half Japanese nephew when he was at that age:

Please bear in mind living in this more electronic world and having such a mix of people from many different backgrounds: Take the good positive things and throw away / put aside the bad negative things. But, by the way – when One World Government of The 1984 version in full power, what ever and whoever endanger the system will be zapped away, anyhow. The most important in life and while living as mortals, get The Way, The Truth, and The Life while there is time.

PSW for our better living societies. Learning is for a life time.


Žan Porenta
Way to go. You put chinese music in the background.






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By the way, if we read the Japanese word KANJI in Chinese HAN TSE(sorry for my pinyin) means Letter from the HAN dynasty. I learnt this when I was studying in Taiwan which was colonised by the Japanese for around 50 years. That’s why most the music is also based on the pentatonic. Hope this info helps. I even wrote a piece of music and mixed the pentatonic with shofar music and it works. I hope I could prepare it to share it on my personal blog and let me know if you like it or not even though it is a musical experiment. Oops, my blog is



PSW for better finding musical experiment.

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