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Hello world!
We are the decision makers, either we want to make this planet earth is like hell or heaven. Let us be friends for our better living societies and planet.

Welcome to WordPress World. This is my first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Nope, I will not delete it from now on so anybody learning BLOGging through and from me can get more example to their version a lot better.

Now, let me restarting blogging again after got ruined and my hosting could not even help me.

Halo, apa kabar, jambo sana - habari gani, kumusta, como es tas, bonjour, how are you doing, piye kabarmu, damang, ni hao, grutsie, bonjorno, .........!?

One enemy is already too many and yet millions of good friends are not enough to guarantee the world real peace - only by getting closer to The Almighty GOD alone we gain peaceful mindset and heart.

So, let us be friends!

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Checking out what are shared here based on their different categories:

For sure, the more we learn and find out things while we are still alive - the steeper our learning curve in every part of our lives:

Body is the sort of hardware we are caught up / jailed in / given the basic vehicle / etc the scientists are entangling our boggling minds.

The Brain within which is more and more found out as the biological centre computer while we are still having sub controllers all along our bodies.

The Mind which is more and more found out seems just like the magnetical electrical forces of our bodies.

The Soul which is more and more found out more as our Awareness and or our Conciousness which one day can be uploaded somewhere in the cloud to be downloaded later when needed.

The Spirit is more and more found out, who is the real avatar more powerful then us being as avatars over our "own" flesh.

In the beginning of the Holy Story:

GOD created MAN (huMAN) in HIS own Image. So, we are supposed to be GOD's image just like Little Child Apple should be like Papa Apple and Mama Apple - right?

But, to cut the story short - NOW - we are creating robots in our image - in human image.

The big problem is:

Where have all those HEAVEN Realms gone?

How we could handle the impact of those Rebelious Energies?

So, the answer is in The Total Awareness we should be in - as only consciousness is not enough! Some one can be totally conscious - meaning not in the state of unconscious or knocked out like in boxing championship. Bob Dyland used to sing it "the answer is in the wind" after questioning "where have all the .......gone?". I used to sing it, too especially when being en entertainer in Taiwan.

The WAR has been started ever since the rebellion in any heaven actually, not only in the Holy Story - and there is no demarkation zone!


How bad or how good are we conditioned or programmed or made so by our: parents, relatives, communities, societies, ......... the world?

And that is the question: To Be or NOT To Be, which one and on which part of the LINE?

So, please be aware and always remember - that while we are still alive we need to:

Eat and Drink: How serious are we in even just doing this category of daily activity?

Things are got to be paid for: How serious are we even just doing this category of daily activity?

Should we go naked? So, how serious are we even just doing this category of daily activity?

Basic Income or Salary or Wages may not be enough to meet those needs plus more below, how serious are we even just doing this category of daily activity?

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