Hello hola halo world! Jambo sana!

Hello hola halo the whole internet world for a better place and better way of musical living in this such a musical universe.

Thank you for visiting my online part of PSW, fellow netizen.

God is good all the time, so let us be good for our better living in this momentary world people are more into health, wealth, and relationship as normal human being. And let us be aware: “The love of money is the root of all evil!” and there is no authority which is not from GOD or at least by GOD’s consent.

While I am taking the web developer and programming with UDEMY, please enJoy of things I will be sharing through my Social Media and of course this totally rebuilt BLOG. Just in case you want me to be your writer: blogger, ads headline, SOP, doing translation, etc – or producing jingle, voice over, backing vocal, song writing, going you as part of your Event Organiser, teaching creative music at your place or online, doing music arrangement / composition, helping your musical ministry, etc – welcome. You’ve got my contact, right?

I will put some of my musical works here, too!

And why not my youtube material? Yes, you will find them at least the links and their explanation.

Just in case you have a request in mind for me to share some writing or video, just let me know – who knows I’ve still got the time doing it.

Oh, yup! The translation widget, too!

To be continued later. Cheers! You are awesome!

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