Who is PSW?

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Knowledge is limited and life is yet going ahead and keep growing, these are only little parts in the making process, progress, and results of PSW. How could I be part of your business? Let me know.


Born in the family founders of Bentoel Malang.

Active in Universitas Brawijaya’s KSR PMI Malang.

Was a drummer of AVIA NADA BAND – Malang.

Was an activist of Pusat Musik Liturgi – Malang as a choir member.

Was a drummer of SMPK Panderman – Malang.

Was a Vice President of Legion of Mary Praesidium – Malang.

Was an organist for various churches in Malang.

Was a musical educator in Malang.

Was the Drummer of The Diplomats Band – Taiwan. (Wai Xiao he jang tuan ).

Was a guitarist singer in Taipei – Taiwan.

Was the Pianist & Keyboardist of The Easy Rider Band – Taiwan.

Was one of the conceptors of Brockwood Park’s Music Studio – UK (1983-1987).

A life time senior member of Youth Hostel Association UK.

A member of The Society of International Song Writers and Composers since May 10th 1987.

Was a member of African Wild Life Study to Kenya 1987.

Was an Out Bound officer ( European Countries Specialist ) & Tour Leader of Vaya Tour & Travel.

Was a Supervisor of PT Purnamala Internasional Indonesia which then becomes PT EKA LIFE.

Was The Founder of Roland News Letters Indonesia.

Since 1990 has been the official escort, translator, demo clinician, consultant, advisor, trainer, founder of the product specialist department, etc for Galestra Group.

A Composer, a Song Writer, a musical arranger, a music teacher & coach, a musical educator, a musicianery.

Living in INDONESIA.

PSW for Musical Digital Nomad Solutions with passion. Learning is for a life time!