Welcome to my PSW netsite just doing the Pay aS Way for your musical solution.

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Welcome to my PSW netsite just doing the Pay aS Way for your own musical solution.

Thank you for your visit in this “we are only a click away” from each other.

I have been into the musical solution world probably even ever since I was a baby loving music more than anything.

So, I hope at least you can benefit something from our being fellow netizens caught up into friendship and sometimes close by people can be the most remote beyond imagination friendship – but some one too far away to imagine can be the closest old friend because this “only one click away” world we are living in.

Here is some information who knows there is something clicks between us to collaborate or doing things together for our better society and our better planet don’t know when we have to leave:

1. Music is my core living system, I think. Not only playing music or arranging music or even writing songs or composing music, but there are more things “GOD” has invented into this person (me as the writer and author of this blog) things which even make my educators overwhelmed.

2. Technology is just like my left hand to my right hand helping each other holding things. Technology here is not just all about electronics or electricity, but whatever technics can be studied and applied for our better living. And maybe the technology in the megalithic era was more advance than today. We might have the power of flight even though with no wings. How about Fiber Skin technology done by Remo? Or some psychological technology of the mind power? Etc, including using frequencies to control. Because, basically we are all frequencies in many different forms or others.

3. Mystery of faith: learnt, studied, lived, experienced

Always to be continued ………..

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