Step down from work and step up to life

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Step down from work and step up to life

What is the single best thing people of all ages can do to
ensure a long, happy, healthy life? Exercise.

According to research, a 30 minute walk per day, five days
a week, adds one year onto your life. The more vigorous,
aerobic activities, like running or lap swimming, for just
and hour, four times a week, adds up to 3 or 4 years to
your life.

One of the stark realizations about reaching retirement is
the fact we are aging. That point can hit home rather
firmly, but you can use your newfound spare time to add
years to your life.

And it need not be jogging ten blocks twice a day. Here are
some of the more enjoyable, low impact, ways for very
effective exercise.

Golf Walking


Gym resistance training




Dance classes

Gem fossicking

Tai Chi


If you want to go full steam ahead, here are some increased
physical activity things you can add.

Cycling Jogging Wall climbing Team sports Kayaking/rafting
Bush walking Aerobics

But whatever you do, do something.

With more and more people slowing down activity after
retirement, more are dying sooner.There really is an
activity to suit everyone, and it will make you feel so
much better.

Too many here to list, study up on sports you might want to
play, what classes are in your local area and do drink
plenty of water along the way.

Consult a doctor first, always warm up and stretch then
cool down and stretch.

A cheerful heart leads to happier life, so keep smiling as happy as a clam.


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