Retirement-Money, Money, Money

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Retirement-Money, Money, Money

When people talk retirement planning they are generally
referring to financial planning. This is very important to
some, and other like to think they’ll worry about it at the

How much is enough? That will depend on the lifestyle you
are going to plan on having once retired.

Some place a set amount into a retirement fund eack week.
Others make investments, and real estate can be a very real
choice under the circumstances.

One you retire, sell the house, and you have your money.
Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Even a combination of savings and investments can be looked
at if you don’t want all your eggs in one basket. It does
make more sense to have more than one avenue for growing
retirement funds.

The basic idea is to think about what age you might retire,
and what you spend now to live a year. Naturally inflation
will dictate that what you get for your money now won’t be
as much in twenty years.

So try and be realistic without pushing the panic button.
Research your options, you can get in a financial adviser
or use the resources on the internet.

Decide what lifestyle you want to live when you retire and
try and get the tools inplace to achieve that. Are you
willing to sell the family home? Do you want to travel? Is
a retirement village good for you?

Once you know you can begin to find out how much you might


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