Retire On Permanent Holiday ( thinking out of the box )

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Retire On Permanent Holiday ( thinking out of the box ).

It’s quite possible and done often, retirees are using
money to live on cruise ships and travel the world. Cruise
ships often cost around the same per day as a retirement
home, and there is no worry about maintenance, cleaning or
fresh linen.

Food is well taken care of, and so is entertainment. When
you want a change of scenery, swap ships and go see another
part of the world.

You might even find a neat place to buy a nice little
cottage and sun yourself everyday. Place like Costa Rica
are very popular.

Often the family home is too big once the family has grown.
As people move toward the permanent-holiday type of
retirement companies have residential cruise ships

These have everything you would ever need to live
comfortably. Here is one of the descriptions as found on
residential vessels:

Unique in design, with all of the comforts and conveniences
of a sophisticated upscale retirement community or condo or

Health Care, pharmacy, groceries, entertainment, leisure
activities, golf, restaurants, World class spas, 24 hour
concierge, international banking, offshore bank and
financial service, business services, and more world class

Imagine, being able to travel around the world, within the
security and comfort of Your own home, and what you bring
along on Your trip, is everything.

Everything in Your ideal luxury home, Your complete
wardrobe, your interior accents, and your personal

Or you can use this as a second place to live. We’ll design
the interior and furnish it.

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