My Links for our better communication

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My Links for our better communication

1ONE enemy is far too many and yet billions of good friends are not enough.

Living is all about sharing and being shared.

Life is all about swimming or flying through musical solutions making harmonies beautiful in The Almighty GOD’s time accordingly to our momentums in this :

In something there is nothing and in nothing there is something musical world in such a mystery.

We believe because we TRUST the goodness or goodwill of the personal speaker, but FAITH is a lot deeper than just believing – and FAITH is not just a mystery – but sure it can not be in existence without LOVE.

Yet, LOVE is not just ATTRACTion or being ATTRACTed either: body, mind, soul, spirit. Being ONEness is more than just LOVE even so in the most ADORATION.

So, let us get linked in such a good loving caring purpose in LIFE for our better mortal living planet and communities forming larger societies while preparing for our even best next immortal life.

And beware! The “Holy Bible/Scripture” of our choice also functioning as:

  1. Insurance policy.
  2. Manual book of living and dying.
  3. Standard Operating Procedure guidance.
  4. LAW BOOK.
  5. Operating System Manual.
  6. Know How samples from past leaders.
  7. Etc you may think of.

Even so knowledge is limited and conditioning is bordering freedom, but let us get connected and linked positively:

  1. More into Indonesian FaceBook: Paulus Santoso Widjaja
  2. More into International FaceBook: Santoso Widjaja
  3. More into Ministerial FaceBook: PSWmusikal
  4. Twitter: PSWmusik
  5. Instagram: NalarMusikal
  6. Main compact to the point  Website:
  7. English longer more detail article based Website:
  8. Bahasa Indonesia Website:
  9. LinkedIn:
  10. MySpace: PSWmusik
  11. Office Supporting Blog:
  12. Business Website:
  13. Name Card Website:
  14. Passionate domain:
  15. Helping websites: and many more.
  16. WhatsAPP: +62818226997.
  17. LINE:

Please NO SPAM and NO SCAM, thank you! I hope I don’t need to build up a new menu: BLACK listed connections. Hahaha. Laughter is still the best medicine.


Beware of scammers and spammers! Only they who are hiding from the internet can bravely do spamming and scamming! The more we are in existence, automatically the less we dare to do any negative things! So, get a proper better common sense!

Last but not least, thank you for your curiosity as learning is for a life time while still alive.

Thank you for buying things through my affiliate links as part of my basic daily living as living is all about trading. Please let me know if you want to learn how to get money / earn a living from doing things which one of them is “affiliate business”. Also if you are still counted as those hopeless in MUSIC, let me prove it they are all wrong! I am more specialising myself into building up HIP Musical Crash Courses forced by institutions need help preparing bands / music ensembles in shortest time possible urgently – so I have been trained by people’s need ever since I was in my second junior high school or K8 (borrowing the K12 terms when I and my wife had to homeschool our daughter).

GOD  bless us for at least a reason (and beware that the devil is also always looking for a reason to disturb us, so take precaution!).


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