Collections of sermons via Yusak Cipto Purnomo from Indonesia

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Just in case if you are looking for ( yusak cipto, yusak tjipto, cipto purnomo, tjipto purnomo, yusak cipto purnomo, tjong sin, cong sin, eklesia gatsu, eklesia windu, ecclessia gatsu 317, ecclessia windu 16, ecclessia pillar, bahtera ministry, suku bahtera, gelinding wae ) because you are made so curious by the name:

Yusak Cipto

Cipto Purnomo

Yusak Cipto Purnomo

Tjong Sin

Ecclesia Ministry Bandung

Ecclessia Pillar

Ecclessia Gatsu 317

Ecclessia Windu 16

Bahtera Ministry from Indonesia

then, here is some info on:

Collections of sermons via Yusak Cipto Purnomo from Indonesia:

More sermons and video:

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And how non Indonesian who don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia could learn and gain something from or more correctly “through” this gentleman with quite a few miracles and happenings through out his life which this writer is only 1 little person only by GOD’s grace can tap blessed experience for GOD’s glory.

I (just for convenience and for the sake of common English), have prepared a simple link you can use and share just in case you don’t have time searching all of those sermons which some of them dated back a couple, triple, or even quadruple dozens of years ago collected by various ministries in Indonesia or Indonesians all over the world.

More sermons and video:

Please click here to help you find information on google and please click here to help you find videos on youtube.

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  7. Other information to get connected with other services, please check below down there.
  8. There are networks all over the world which not only continuing but also developing the ministry started by this gentleman Yusak Cipto Purnomo whom I call him: Om Yusak or some time imitating the kids: Kong Yusak. Googling Bahtera Ministry and contact them or you can just leave your message down here and I will help you getting you to any of them where you are in any country there is one.
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  10. Last but not least, thank you for reading this far and hope this BLOG will be blessings for you and your family and friends.

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GOD bless us for at least a reason!

From your netizen fellow human being friend: Widjaja (PSW) for musical solutions with passion in this Learning is for a Life Time world.



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