The easiest way playing music only with your index/pointing finger and other free fingers.

The easiest way playing music only with your index/pointing finger and other free fingers?

The Guitar, especially acoustic guitars are mostly chosen musical instruments because:

  • They are handy to carry around.
  • Great musical instruments.
  • Seems to be very easy to learn how to play one.
  • Interesting instrument to play on stage.

But, are you one of those people giving up to play your guitar anymore?

In this session, if you allow me – let me motivate you with this very very very simple for you to play your guitar again. Just in case when your curiosity arises, please check my The Sharing PSW on why people get lost while learning music.

Before you watch my video, please observe your guitar. It should have dots or stripes codings on your guitar’s neck on the: 3rd fret, 5th fret, 7th fret, 9th fret, and 12th fret.

Now, please bear in mind – that every product made always have a purpose! So is a guitar made with a purpose.

The codings are for the positional placements, hence playing the guitar will be a lot easier.

The meaning of those coding:

  1. Based on the numbering of notes: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si/Tee do or 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 i, on the 2nd fret is the note 2RE, and on the 4th fret is for the note 3/MI, on the 5th fret is for the note 4/FA, on the 7th fret is for the note 5/SOL, and on the 9th fret is for the note 6/LA. With this only 6 chord probability, you can cover at least around 50% of the songs in the world! And by adding the flatted 7th/SA, you can cover at least 85% of the songs in the world! The rest is only a matter of “transpositional matters” which I will cover later.
  2. Well, the coding is to give you sort of mapping how your fingers could travel here and fro on the guitar’s neck.

The tuning used on our guitar this time is not the usual guitar tuning which is: from top down E A D G B E, but D A D G A D to make our lives somewhat a lot easier. This kind of setting is probably the easiest way for people to sing while playing the guitar in worship even from many different backgrounds / influence of beliefs. I will give you some more examples in Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese Mandarin, Javanese – later (“,).

Now, let’s watch the video:

If you want to, you can start try learning even the easier way from by using only 2 chord possibilities (musical binaries).

Just in case you are still confused and need more help, let us make an appointment and just let’s do it the pay as way.


PSW for your better music for all activities: the easiest way how to learn playing your guitar.

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