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  1. Never invest anything more than any sum or amount you are ready to loose. Investment is not only with Stocks, Cryptos, etc - but even with any Work From Home or Earn From Home software tool as many of them are using a Butterfly Marketing technique with upsells and downsells. Only buy what you need. Please read the related review available here or on the vast internet. If you need help or any past experience, just please use the search box first or eventually you can contact me if you use my referral - otherwise, please contact the person you buy the product or service with his or her referral.
  2. Have you ever heard "the love of money is the root of all evil"? Yes, we need to join hand in hand to eliminate scam companies first of all for our better living societies. Together we can cover up their crime and scam activities: ponzies, too good to be true, hoax, money game with no product (in this case, I am still questioning on gambling), non regulated money or currency site, no paying influencer job site, etc evil sites you name it.
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  6. 1 (one) enemy is already too many, and yet millions of good friends are not yet enough to make this world totally peaceful - so let us be friends. Please tell me what else I have to improve my self and please tell others what things I could be blessings for others. Thank you and GOD bless you!