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Common sense is needed for anybody reporting this site is not written in English

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Yup! Only common sense is needed, indeed!

Do you know why I put that motto: "1 enemy is already too many to make this world a peaceful world"?

I am so sorry for having to reply to my LeadsLeap's admin support after getting this kind of report: "Only site in English is allowed to be advertised".

Only discriminators create hoax around things only to take down things they hate.

And hatred is the enemy of every peaceful society.

That's why Jesus reminded us: "Love your enemy", because only even just 1 enemy is already too many to disrupt any peaceful group of people and hindering us to have "on earth as it is in heaven" or " as above as below".

So, by the way.

PAULus is my baptised name I got it since in my 2nd grade of junior high school.

SANtoso is my original real first name from birth beside other name.

Widjaja is my family name.

Now, if PAULus is not English - but it is Latin and the etymology of the English name PAUL was derived from the name of sort of terrorist SAULus turned into the apostle PAULus after repentance. The variations are: PAULa, PAULina, PAULino, PAULinus, PAULo, etc.

And when I was studying in Taiwan during the day and being an entertainment artist in the evening, people called me as Wang Po San (in Fukienese: Ong Pik San) during the day and Paul Wang as an artist - a musician to be more precise.

SANtoso is my given Javanese name derived from the Sanskrit word: Santosh or "peace" similar to Shalom. My Japanese colleagues call me Santoso San. My Spanish speaking friends call me Santoz.

Widjaja means: Victorious derived from the Sanskrit word: Vijay or in Javanese: Widjojo before it is Indonesianized.

Now, because this BLOG is my official blog - who can disallow me from using my name?

I did use my full name as my domain

But, I always had problems with my Indonesian contacts - because there are some spelling history creating problems. In the olden days of Van Op Huysen spelling: oe=u then revised again: tj=c and dj=j.

The Western friends call me Mr Wid Ja Ja which should be Wee ja ya. No problem with my cosmopolitan international relatives.

Now, you may have a better idea why I always make my name as Widjaja - right?

Indonesia is one of those countries with long names.

So, my very long name should be: PAULus Ong Pik SANtoso Widjaja or PAULus Wang Po SANtoso Widjaja - it depends on whether Mandarin or Fukienese Chinese is used in the middle.

Hahahahah. Confusing right? That's why just call me PaulSan for short.

As the founder of Roland Newsletter Indonesia in around 1991, I have been using PSW (pronounced: Pay aS Way) as my pen name.

Well, down to this far - can you find anywhere in this BLOG, things that are not written in English? Of course besides my name or maybe some other names.

And just for your info:

Jono Amstrong: the Jono is actually a Javanese name. He is an English Chap who lives in Bali.

Barrack Obama has a Kenyan name from Mombasa and ever lived in Indonesia.

Kenneth Koh the founder of where I join as a PRO member: the KOH is Chinese.

People with family name Kohen, they are connected with Moses, Aron and Mirriam.

As an EduMusicTechBiz specialist, I love things connected with musical solutions - including languages. Please make an appointment before calling me - otherwise you will be cut off or hung up by my TRUE CALLER APP. Hahahah.

Little more.

As a homeschooler parent, I do educate my daughter and then also other kids in English.

Also of course while on duty as the escort & translator for some Brands Principal Company Leaders such as: Sennheiser, AKG, Fostex, Roland, Steinway, Rodgers,Fender, Casio, Technics, Renkuz, etc or some endorsed artists such as: Dennis Chambers, Gregg Bissonnette, Kozo Suganuma, Steve Alexander, Adrian Scott, Marvin Sanders, Tommy Sneider, El Negro Horacio Hernandez, etc.

Thanks to all of my various English mentors with various backgrounds from various parts of English-speaking countries - including my GrandPa Jack for making me read the Holy Bible plus all of those Sherlock Holmes and Encyclopedia. Learning is for a lifetime.

For counseling ministry or consulting service please WhatsApp me first or let's get connected via Facebook. Oops, also if you are a dropout music student but still got the gut - it seems my job getting all of those dropout people on track again so far.

Thank you for reading down here. God bless you!

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