Better Living links report today: November 6th 2018

Better Living links report today: 

We are as always to remember that:

  1. We need primary needs, secondary needs, and the list goes on.
  2. Hence, we need to earn our livings.

Better living indicates:

  1. Peaceful living.
  2. No Debt and having what we need (not what we want) more than enough, so we can give for our better communities more.
  3. When we die and finish strong in this mortal part of the world and supposed to move into the immortal world / next life, we are guaranteed the proper and real assurance not to be ended in the evil part of the next life world/domains – but – Dreamed real HEAVEN.

Now to check the links for today and hopefully there is at least ONE click for you to start with (it does not matter if even you start from the FREE then to PAY LESS then eventually to FULLY PAID: remember “No REAPing without SOWing but only ROBbing” (“,):

  8. For your own direct “coding”:
  9. Please be aware that you also can use or or 

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PSWmusicTECH for better musical living with passion in this such a musical university: to be in unity in diversity. Learning is for a life time.