The 10 things we need.

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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Hello, my online netizen networking made friend.

I have prepared a special BLOG tools to help people finding solutions especially during this emergency force majeure where each one of us have to work from home.

Please take this as your little working from home tool where you can find:

  • How to be healthy by searching or typing
  • How to get traffic to your website by searching with keyword: traffic or visitors or similar to no1 above and you change the keyword “health” to anything you want actually.
  • Let say, you are looking for List Building Tools – then just type – and please use the + sign to glue more words.
  • Just in case you can not find any solution to your no evil problem, then just let me know. You can just drop me a line or putting it via relative comment.

    I am told by my Pro Member system that most of you are looking for better challenge in making money and you are not wrong to be part of this BLOG.

    The basic or principal of living are:

  • Healthy living so we can make more money and less spending money to pay hospitals and medications. So, let us make our food and drinks as if our medicines and healthily mixed before eventually we have to take our medicines like or as if our food and drink in agony.
  • Clothing to keep warm and not naked.
  • Shelter to keep safe and comfort enough.
  • Friendship because hardly anybody could live alone without any help or communication.
  • By GOD’s grace and our effort to survive: MONEY or barter tools – which in the olden days we had even used soap bars, gold, silver, etc as money before we use coins and paper money then cheque, etc. Today, crypto is getting more common – and that’s also covered in the BLOG. If you may never heard of “minimum payment policy”? Well, it is hidden since long time ago but you may find some leaks on the internet, too.
  • Human needs TRUST and that’s a reason why this BLOG comes into existence to share hopefully good even best things we could get, but yet together we should test every new challenge ways of making money by not only clicking the link – more important is – trying it ourselves until we got the money as promised by the company and together we will process the report to our local authorities any scam companies doing business only for fooling us around. We got to test as many as possible money making ideas companies for our better living societies before they are too many.

    So, thank you for reading down here and GOD bless us for at least a reason – and we are still alive, right?

    Bonus: Got 25 People Ready For…..> ??? Every 25 Referrals worth 0.05BTC. See you in the inside.

    Please make sure to check and feel free to share it for our better living it doesn’t matter either for business purpose, ministry purpose, non profit purpose – any means and positive means.

  • Many Ways To Earn and if only you join and get $25. THEN: Share On Social Media etc To Get Traffic. Tutorial and paid assignments are provided inside the system.

    From your made friend by the internet; Widjaja (PSW) for the solutions with passion.

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