Let’s be positive hero for a better community.

Have you ever thought how: how to do good, how to share, how to be better?

Let's be sticking with kindness
Bring and share the good of the community, better yet, not pitting or other crimes.

Captions from top left to bottom right:

  1. A 18-year-old high school student was carrying her to school every day for the last 3 years because of his disease muscular dystrophy. Heroes Take Your Honor, is currently more careful choosing to take responsibility and menkjadi blessing. No matter you are young.
  2. For the people of Indonesia: Heroes, you are keeping the red and white fly in the Homeland.
  3. The first comes to your aid are those who know how it feels to fall. Not just a victory but Together Achieving Objectives and The Finish Line with Strong.
  4. True hero is one who changed all around her disability into an Ability.
  5. A Panda Panda helping others reach a guardian to be high enough to cooed. At other times more important to get valuable than yourself, that’s the Real Heroes.
  6. Mark Bustos working full time in sebum salon that cost very expensive. Every week, Mark around the streets of New York to provide free haircuts to the homeless. Money is not everything. Serving those around us is far especially glorious. A hero to the people.
  7. For the sake of living for Family, Old Man Selling Ice Cream in the Middle of the Sea. A Hero who are willing to sacrifice for the future of the beloved 2orang.
  8. Story Fatta, SD Hold boy and sister in Class Rawat. Learn and continue to learn to develop all the potential.
  9. Twins Lena and Leni once Scavengers now the Indonesian athletes who excel. Never Surrender to nature, A Hero continues Hope and Striving Reversing state. From Nothing to Beyond Human.

Come together for a better Indonesia.

Let viralkan before the date of 10 November 2018 to commemorate the hero who had fought a great family unity and nation Homeland Pancasila Indonesia Raya.

Indonesia live musical greetings for a very wealthy even better.

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