What is “Do it The Pay aS Way”?

Yes, what is this “Do it The PAY AS WAY? ideas / concept / way of living?

Confused by these keyword: bHIP Movement, helping impact people, musical way of living, musical solution, solusi musikal, hidup musikal, music for all?

Musically living, just bHIP: be helping impact people. Pay aS Way is another way of saying: Sow good to Reap Better result after musical process and progress being made beautiful in GOD’s time.

Show yourself you are in the #1 Musical bHIP Movement we need for our better societies. Show people and wear your positive apparel wherever you go.

Let’s Do It The Pay As Way – GOD is good
All the time!
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Of course, we should beware of “The Love Of Money” which is “The Root Of All Evil” – but, living in a society we do need “MONEY” as a “MEDIA” for “BARTERing” things what we need but we don’t have yet while we have the things we have too many or not need them. And, other people our fellow human being also have the same problem. Finding the right exactly one person with exactly coincidently have “The CLICK” need and demand is not that easy. In this case, money is the most convenient tool / media of barter or exchanging the Demand vs Supply problems.

Will, today’s Crypto Currency FUZZ and BitCoin goings will solve our Demand Supply Exchange Media?

  1. To solve the problem of “fake money“: printing problem.
  2. To solve the problem of “monopoly” and “oligopoly”: the evil / Big Brother to control problem.
  3. To solve “money laundering” business: corruption problems.
  4. To solve “copy right” vs “copy left” problems: killing the creativity and innovation.
  5. To solve “scam” problems: putting money in trunks don’t know it fake or real.
  6. Etc you may think of, please put in the comment below.

If I may say out loud, the physical action only will make people busy – the school of thought put in the business will create more competition and differentiation. But, what’s cooking should be back in people’s heart: Where have that affectionate passion living in peace to make on this earth as in heaven gone?

Doing things The Pay aS Way, only help triggering people to help each other to have more creativity and innovation keep rolling on into our societies for the sake of our own better living, really. Of course, some bigger ideas or business concepts can go through more professional process: start ups, coop, governmental support, spiritual organisation support, local society support, etc – but those little hip good ideas should keep going, shouldn’t they?

Let’s Do It The Pay As Way – GOD is good
All the time!
TOXIC=EVIL SJB.Rocks Products | Teespring http://bit.ly/positiveapparel

Learning from experience and behavioural study of problems too many to mention here, the Pay aS Way idea/concept/way of living was born.

If I may suggest, besides we make / produce things – we also prepare the online payment media to make easier to support each other as fellow living human being, e.g.: my main PayPal account is psw@solution4u.com and my Indonesian Bank Account using BCA (beware money launderer intruding into your account!) – so, support/donation via Bank account should be by request – except for non profit ministry / spiritual organisation movement.

Why am I sharing this Let’s do it the Pay aS Way?

Well, I am preparing myself to travel again becoming a musical solution digital traveller after later on free (retired) from the office I have been working since early 1990. It is good to meet various people again, being part of divers societies, musically helping impact people, being creative again, traveling from one culture to another, etc. Learning is for a life time, while GOD’s given breath is still going in this mortal vessel. So, please subscribe to join me to get stories, recommendations, jokes, musical solutions, explanations, reports, reviews, and of course free lessons / free information in this learning is for a life time musical world.

Let’s Do It The Pay As Way – GOD is good
All the time!
TOXIC=EVIL SJB.Rocks Products | Teespring http://bit.ly/positiveapparel

So, just in case you want to hire me or getting me into your project – I am into:

  1. Musical solutions: Musical Brands and Product development, management, marketing, sales, retail, demo, clinic, workshop, consulting, coaching, escorting, playing, arranging, composing, song writing, kids / beginners learning, the adult musical talent mining, etc musical solutions.
  2. Sharing ideas not only by me, but also others I find good and HIP (helping impact people). So, if you want to make me as one of your affiliates – welcome!
  3. Musical Ministries: Praise & Worshipper of The Real Almighty One GOD regardless the denominations as long as not praising / worshipping The Great Deceiver in disguise. But, so far I have been helping friends with different beliefs curious of using music as part of their activities – even though I did not take part in their way of worship. Music is for all!!! For music with passion, thanks to GP Staffa gave me the sticker (For Music With Passion) when he was with Alto Pro Audio he founded the company and PT Citra Intirama ( www.citraintirama.com ) till now still the Main Indonesian distributor. Please visit: www.RolandIndonesia.news , www.HouseOfPiano.com , www.RolandIndonesia.co.id , www.AuViTech.co.id to mention a few.
  4. Music for all. That’s why I am involved more with beginners: kids, dropped out teens/adult/elderly. But, in Indonesia giving me a very interesting kind of experience: finding the best fastest method to teach people into praise and worship music to make them suitable musical minister. Do you know why? The band is taken by some other church! Seems funny, but it is a reality! I hope this will never happen in other countries. Good news, that the number of music schools and music systems are added into the world. Just these last 3 days I was in one of those training meeting with The One Smart Piano System from China helping them with translation: English-Chinese-Indonesian-Music.
  5. Musical Product Development / R&D: so far I have been helping with the brands in relation with the Jakarta Musik Group, Galestra Inti Group, Pancasona Ajitama Group, Citrarama Belantika Group, Yayasan Seni Indonesia Group, etc – which more known as Galestra Group then merged into one PT Citra Intirama company then expanding again. So, if you check www.citraintirama.comwww.houseofpiano.comwww.auvitech.co.idwww.rolandindonesia.co.id – those are the left over brands. I used to deal with much more then those brands. And, since what people think on music technology is all about electronic – there is the wrong thought, though – so I was more entangled in the past with the electronic brands such as: KORG, Fostex, Isuzu, Suzuki, Gold Star, Silver Star, Kurtzweil, Roland, Technics, Casio, Fostex, Samick, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Peavy, Zeta, Oberheim, GEM (General Music), Rodgers, Johannus, Boss, Edirol, etc etc. And the acoustic brands: Remo, LP, Steinway&Son, Samick, Pearl River. My main fight was against my interdependent music style programming ideas which they especially Roland opposed me being afraid that this will make the musical instrument hang. Yet, today the technology of music style programming is still based on that opposed idea! Even more, they took away from their arranger/intelligent keyboard: Right to Left, after touch control function, and many others. Thanks to Roland in the olden days when Mr Ikutaro Kakehashi San was still much younger.
  6. Musical Brands Management: For me, Musical brands are musical characters! I hate traders only taking musical brands as commodities, price vs discounts, numbers, etc brand killing concepts behaviour! Thanks to Jakarta Musik Group and Galestra Group in the olden growing days allowing me to practice what I had been learning though toss and toil from Indonesia – Taiwan – UK – groups of people I study and learnt from – places I visited – etc (even experiencing bankruptcy which the behaviour I have been warning my boss and office ever since around 1995) . Starting as the only musician, tech guy, sales trainer, marketing consultant, recruitment and trainee coach, dealership developer, showroom & retail consultant – phew! Roaming all over Indonesia fighting the winning world brand: Yamaha! Gosh, what a challenge! Yamaha was my first musical instrument in Indonesia and I have to beat them: the one best generic chockablock one name strong brand with renowned good historical record. Thank’s to GOD for Rome 8:28! And glory only to GOD that while I was still too active and responsible reporting and helping to the president director of the company (formerly I was offering him insurance but he asked me to join and help him to grow the company) – the competing and even fighting brands else where becomes coopetition brands under one roof company which only split into 2 companies as Technics from Matsushita would rather stand alone. But, behind was only one master mind in disguise. So, just in case if your company also want to learn not only from the growing success with one lost brand: KORG even though as musicians we are still friends as Michele said it – but beware of the pride which is prior to a down fall. And if even you want to learn more from the danger of corruption in disguise experience by the family founders of BENTOEL, well I am one of those who got the impact. But, GOD is good all the time! At least making me never be taken into the danger of “the love of money” even though honestly as normal human being at one time or another questioning WHY. Remember, a BRAND is a CHARACTER – a PERSON! Hurt IT and your company will go in bankruptcy!!! Subscribe to be updated.
  7. Relation ship is important! If only, I follow my fellow friend leaving the company – then I will never can follow the process, the progress, the result, and the more suffering of the prediction I started mentioning and reminding also warning in around 1995 when I was rigged out and moved away from being closed to The President Director and his consulting family elders. (and in October 1998 Indonesia was struck by the crisis – every body had to sack some of their staffs and I was the only guy recruiting and keep building my Product Specialist Department). Learn from SAM KOK / The 3 Kingdoms of China, even more from The Holy Bible concerning how to win the war. If not because of still in good relation ship with GOD, I would have left the company long time ago – even I would not take care of buying the RolandIndonesia.news domain and pay the hosting to raise again the Roland Indonesia Newsletter I founded many years ago (early 1991) alone with GOD’s help to “fight” Yamaha in the Marketing & Sales world in Indonesia yet the human are friends to me. There are things which are not plainly explainable. And if not because of RelationShip, I don’t know why some principals occasionally checking whether I am still working for the company. Also, for sure RelationShip apparently does count if because of the person is not in charge of a certain brand then that principal send their officer to check and then go back to their office then remove their brand from the company because I am not in charge anymore (strange but it happened) . Relation ship is important! My father dan my grandfather always reminding us, family is still family – so never put money as the first reason to end relationship! I experienced even when my uncle acting as if being insane in front of us, but my mom reminding us: “remember, he is your uncle – pray for him”. And GOD is good all the time, to cut the story short – my Aunty took Jesus into her heart first then later the my GOD beloved uncle (whom used to be the president of the family based company and driven into bankruptcy) by the time he nearly  passed away also took Jesus. So, if we don’t have relationship with GOD? Can there be peace? And if we claim that we are so close to GOD, but we keep making troubles? Simply put, we have different “GOD”. BRANDS / NAMES are result of RelationShip! Want to register your name or brand or ideas? Please feel free to use my affiliate promo link http://nc.paulussantoso.com or contact me for suggestions and you can spread the word, too!
  8. PSW Musical Learning & Study Concept/Curriculum study: I have been developing this way of teaching and learning process with positive progress (not only study) since even I was learning Kolintang with my church musical mentor: Tante Lin (Aunty Lin) from Bethel Church in Malang. I learnt from her comments how I could learn music so quickly and even starting when I was in my first junior high school, she Asked me to teach a WIC (Women International Club) Kolintang Group plus one white hair gentlemen. Long process and progress, indeed. What a pity there are lots of papers lost during moving here and there, but I will scan the found rewritten quite a while ago and share it here with hope we can develop and use even more as I still have best friends making me to write again the material and publish it as a pdf even if no publication is interested in get it published because they find there is no such so simple general key approach to music. With this concept, nowadays I prepare praise & Worship band less than 9 months from ground zero and more often even around 3 months they already go into music ministry. I have tried “1 finger worshipping using guitar” and people still keep laughing with love at me even though there are some people already enJoy it. I have put a sample video on my youtube channel in English. I love helping the forming of kids bands, but after the Band Until of GUP (Gereja Utusan Pantekosta) in Bandung – parents only say impossible and doing nothing – yet those kindergarten kids already teens now – also the Sunday school ensemble orchestra band of GKI Kebon Jati Presbyterian Church.Yet long long time ago when I was a university student in Malang I help making the kids mocking band and it was Fantastic. I am looking forward to having sucking babes praising and worshiping GOD! And with iPAD that will be so simply! I tried to introduced DJ products to churches, but still thought as the music from the kingdom of the dark. I don’t know if the age of Nebukadnezar taking over those people’s head. As a matter of facts, the influence of repetitive music has gone too far into the nerve of the modern churches now.
  9. The Musical Product Based Solution selling approach: not only lower price and bigger discount!
  10. The Musical Brand Based MARKETing: What is behind the name vs what the character is prepared for to be one wish of the creators.
  11. Etc more are coming: http://paulussantoso.com/go/welcome-to-my-ps…l-solutions-blog/

God bless us for at least a reason.

PSW for your better musical solution way of living activities with passion. Learning is for a life time!

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