Voice over job

Just in case you are looking for a voice over job and still not sure how to get the job, please click this. But, if you are looking for some doing a voice over job for you – then here is a little sample of my works: voice over, singing, all of the music, the song writing, the orchestration composition, the recording – using my MacBook & Samson Mic & Samson Headphones & M-Audio Axiom Air Mini & my right hand while my left hand in a sling. Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

PaulusSANtoso.com Widjaja Author

Assistant Senior Sales & Marketing Manager and Founder of The Product Specialist Department of PT Citra Intirama (ci) (Galestra Group) joining since early 1990 as the only Musician BizTechie. Product Specialist Workshop Pelengkap Sarana Wirausaha Prasarana Sinar Wahyu Hidup Musikal Musical Solution BetterMusicalLiving.com SewaJualBeli.com b_Els.design your.previews SahabatAllah Solusi Musikal