Do you like talking?

Dear my fellow netizen, Do you like talking? Or speak English? I mean … How would you like to talk and get paid well for it? Did you know that regular people are getting paid from $250 to $750 for a few minutes of their time just recording their voice in a computer? And […]


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John 1:1 it is written How GOOD GOD is

If I may share this song I wrote long quite a long time ago and used to sing it at some of my demo clinics and seminars, hopefully this can be blessings to you and your surroundings. The Life Light. The WORD was First, the Word present to GOD, God present to the Word. The […]

Hello WORLD, we are the world – so let us make it a better place

Hello my fellow living human being online friend (brother/sister), good day to you. I am so sorry that I have to redo my websites all over again from scratch as I have to move away from my last hosting company I have been using for quite a long time. So, I hope you are patient […]