For music with passion in search of the Better Musical Living

Thank you for your curiosity in knowing this musical person. We are living in such musical world created by such a superbly musical super being just for convenience we call GOD. So, for sure – not only everybody – but every group of people / things always in need of? Yes! Musical Solution! So, how can I be part of your musical business to be a better blessings to more people (individual, families, groups, companies, societies, countries, planets, galaxies, universes, multiverses, etc)? PROFILE PSW is a human interactive product produced as “For MUSIC with passion” to be a leader in our will be better musical living societies, because the society wants it. EXPERIENCE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH MUSICIAN, GBI, MALANG, JATIM – 19?? Kolintang Music teacher, women international club kolintang group: malang, jam – 197? DRUMMER&PERCUSSIONIST, RETAWU20 TEENS BAND: MALANG, JATIM – 197? VICE PRESIDENT, LEGIO MARIAE JUNIOR PRESIDIUM: MALANG, JATIM – 197? ACTIVE MEMBER, LEGIO MARIAE SENIOR PRESIDIUM: MALANG, JATIM – 197? CHURCH ORGANIST, ALL CATHOLIC CHURCHES: MALANG, JATIM – 197? CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT MUSICIAN & ACTIVIST, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: MALANG (PIONEERING WITH PASTOR YOHANES INDRA KUSUMA), JATIM – 197? CHOIR SINGER, PUSAT MUSIK LITURGI: MALANG, JATIM – 197? CHOIR SINGER & ORGANIST, HATI KUDUS YESUS CHURCH’S CECILIA CHOIR: MALANG, JATIM – 197? KIDS & TEACHERS KOLINTANG MUSIC TEACHER, CITA CITA BUNDA: MALANG, JATIM 197? KIDS & TEACHERS KOLINTANG MUSIC TEACHER, TK SANTA MARIA: MALANG, JATIM 197? TEENS BAND MUSIC TEACHER, SMPK SANTA MARIA II: MALANG, 197? STUDYING ECONOMICS, BRAWIDJAJA UNIVERSITY: MALANG, JATIM 1979-1981(NON DEGREE) DRUMMER & BACKING VOCALIST, AVIA NADA BAND: MALANG, JATIM – 1979-1981 STUDYING CHINESE (HISTORY, CUSTOMS, LANGUAGE, MUSIC, WAYS OF DOING BUSINESS, BASIC LIVING) AT FU JEN UNIV LANGUAGE CENTER, HSINCHUANG, TAIPEI – 1981-1983 CHURCH ORGANIST & CHOIR SINGER, FU JEN UNIV:  HSIN CHUANG,TAIPEI – 1981-1983 GUITARIST SINGER, EASY RIDER CLUB: TAIPEI – 1982-1983 BASSIST & BACKING VOCALIST, EASY RIDER CLUB: TAIPEI – 1982-1983 KEYBOARDIST SINGER, EASY RIDER QUINTET FOR PARCO: TAIPEI – 1982-1983 DRUMMER & BACKING VOCALIST, WAI XIAO / THE DIPLOMAT BAND: TAIPEI – 1983 BUSINESS MODELER, SELF EMPLOYED: MALANG, JATIM – 1983 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDY, BROCKWOOD PARK KRISHNAMURTI EDUCATIONAL CENTER: BRAMDEAN HANTS SO24OLQ, UK: 1983-1987 (NON DEGREE) ACTIVIST MEMBER, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY OF THE GREAT BRITAIN (AISB): EXETER, UK – 1984-1987 THE DOWNFALL OF BENTOEL NOT THAT MANY COULD EXPERIENCE AND NOBODY WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT FOR SURE! AND I HOPE YOUR COMPANY WILL NEVER HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT. THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL AND IT IS ALWAYS WELL PROVEN. BUSINESS MODELER, SELF EMPLOYED: MALANG, JATIM – 1988 OUTBOUND TRAVEL OFFICER & TOUR LEADER, VAYA TOUR & TRAVEL: JAKARTA – 1988 INSURANCE AGENT, SINAR MAS GROUP: BANDUNG, JABAR – 1988-1993 STUDIO MUSICIAN & ARRANGER & COMPOSER & TEACHER & DEMONSTRATOR & CLINICIAN & JINGLE PRODUCER & SOUND DESIGNER & MUSIC BUSINESS COACH & R&D COLLABORATOR & INTELLIGENT STYLE/PATERN PROGRAMMER,  ENTERTAINER, MUSIC MINISTER, MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SET UP INSTALLER, ETC MUSICAL. MOSTLY BANDUNG-JAKARTA, JABAR – 1988-NOW CHARISMATIC MUSIC MINISTER, VARIOUS MINISTRY ( ROMAN CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT BANDUNG): BANDUNG, JABAR – 1989-199? CATHEDRAL CHOIR SINGER & ORGANIST, ST PETER CATHEDRAL: BANDUNG, JABAR – 1989-20?? But still h supporting the KOKAB. NON DENOMINATIONAL MUSICAL EDUCATOR & MINISTER, YAYASAN ECCLESSIA INDONESIA: BANDUNG, JABAR – 1989-NOW *MUSICTECH BUSINESS CONSULTANT, JAKARTA MUSIK: JAKARTA, DKI: 1990-NOW ESCORT & TRANSLATOR, GALESTRA GROUP’S PRINCIPALS / ENDORSED ARTISTS / SEMINARS / WORKSHOPS / CLINICS / MANUALS / COMICS / ADVERTISING MATERIALS / ETC. *BRANDS & PRODUCTS ADVISOR, PT CITRARAMA BELANTIKA: JAKARTA, DKI – 1990-NOW *MUSICTECH BUSINESS CONSULTANT, PT PANCASONA AJITAMA: JAKARTA, DKI: 1991-NOW *ALL BRANDS PRODUCT SPECIALIST, PT GALESTRA INTI: JAKARTA, DKI – 1992-NOW MUSICAL SOLUTION COACH, SANGGAR PRATIKARA: BANDUNG, JABAR – 199? MUSICAL INTELLIGENCE KIDS PROGRAMMER, KLAB ABC: BANDUNG, JABAR – 199? Jakarta Musik’s, Jakarta Musika’s, Pancasona Ajitama’s, Galestra Inti’s, Citrarama Belantika’s, Citra Intirama’s etc’s principals’ brands’ endorsed artists’ escort & translator: Ikutaro Kakehashi, Dennis Chambers, Gregg Bissonnette, Marvin Sanders, Tommy Sneider, Omar Hakim, Horacio Hernandez El Negro, Steve Alexander, etc too many to remember even the long long time ago. Jakarta Jazz Festival & Java Jazz Festival artist know how technical product support. World Song Writers Gathering in Bali Cliff and Jakarta as Pacific Harmony’s musical & product know how technical support chief. Various Booth Show Technical and Sales Engineer chief for e.g.: AKG, Fostex, Roland, Ensoniq, Korg, Casio, Technics, Audio Technica, Sammick, Fender, Marshall, Zoom, Boss, Rodgers, Roland RDG, SoundTrack, Gibson, Pearl, GEM, Suzuki, EMU, AKAI, Shure, Peavey, Martin Audio, Renkuz Heinz, etc too many to remember especially no more the brand lines of PT Citra Intirama anymore. Together with Mr. Yudi Saputra and Mr. Rudy Sugiharto founding the Promotion Department of becoming PT Citra Intirama. Founder of PT Citra Intirama Product Specialist & Training Department *PRODUCT SPECIALIST DEPARTMENT FOUNDER & MANAGER, PT CITRA INTIRAMA: JAKARTA, DKI – 2000-2015 *SENIOR SALES & MARKETING MANAGER ASSISTANT, PT CITRA INTIRAMA: JAKARTA, DKI – APRIL1ST 2015-NOW *ROLAND DIVISION CONSULTANT, PT CITRA INTIRAMA: JAKARTA, DKI – 13JULY2017-NOW HOMESCHOOLER PARENT, WITH MY WIFE IN GOD PROVIDING EVENTUALLY HIS MINISTER GERRIT&JULY HANSON: BANDUNG, JABAR – 1993-201?  OUR HOMESCHOOLING GROUP EVENTUALLY BECOMES CAHAYA BANGSA CLASSICAL EDUCATION IN BANDUNG. SERMON TRANSLATOR, THE INDONESIAN ANGLIKAN CHURCH: BANDUNG, JABAR – 20?? HELPING WHEN THEY STARTED IN BANDUNG. WORSHIP LEADER, BOSCH AUTO WORKSHOP PRAYER MEETING: BANDUNG, JABAR – 20?? CHARITY WORKS, WITH VARIOUS GROUPS (INCLUDING WITH THE ARMY, CHARITY MINISTRIES, BNN, ETC): REMOTE AREAS IN INDONESIA – since 197? N.B.: * CLAIMed AND KNOWN AS GALESTRA GROUP THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS & PRO AUDIO & COMPUTER MUSIC DISTRIBUTOR (THANKS TO THIS GROUP) IN INDONESIA STARTING AS A VERY SMALL COMPANY USED TO BE JAKARTA MUSIK SHOWROOM ONLY THEN PLUS JAKARTA MUSIK WHOLE SALE THROUGH WHICH I HAS BEEN LEARNING AND STUDYING (NEARLY FROM “SCRATCH”) ON THE GROWING SUCCESS (GOT RAISED PAY 3 FOLD 3 TIMES) AND FAILURE UPON FAILURE (AFTER I WAS PUT ASIDE STARTING NEARLY 15 YEARS AGO) IN THE LIVING HISTORY BOTH AS AN INSIDER HAS TO BE IN THE OFFICE 2 DAYS A WEEK AND AS OUTSIDER SINCE 1990 FOR MUSIC WITH PASSION, BUT YET EVENTUALLY I DO NEED A BETTER CHALLENGE (AFTER MORE THAN ENOUGH MAKING THE COMPANY MORE THAN MY LIVING UNIVERSITY) BEFORE EVENTUALLY RETIRING AND SUBMIT FULLY INTO THE ALMIGHTY GOD’S MINISTRY. EDUCATION Bentoel family apprentice ship learning and study, malang, jatim – 1965-1992, NON DEGREE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, MALANG & TAIWAN – HIGH SCHOOL PLUS BRAWIDJAJA UNIVERSITY, MALANG – NO DEGREE (LEFT FOR TAIWAN IN SEARCH OF IDENTITY AND MORE REALITY ) FU JEN UNIVERSITY’S CHINESE STUDY CENTER BROCKWOOD PARK KRISHNAMURTI EDUCATIONAL CENTER, HAMPSHIRE UK – NON DEGREE UNIVERSITY OF STATE, CITY, STATE — DEGREE, YEAR SKILLS Music and Musical: making things beautiful momentously in harmony. Musical Product Based Solutions (Musical Product selling) Musical Brands Based Evangelization (marketing). Product Specialist Workshop REFERENCES Bentoel Museum in Malang, Jatim, Indonesia. Casio Indonesian Comics. Roland Indonesia News Letter PT Citra Intirama Product Specialist Department Kartika Putri’s Church Organ Concert & Master Class at GKI Nurdin 201? Saint Peter Cathedral’s Church Organ installation 201? Roman Catholic Bandung Bishop Anton Inauguration 201? SAAT’s ( Sekolah Alkitab Asia Tenggara ) acoustic trouble shooting and resetting the Rodgers Organ. Indonesian music styles in Roland, Technics, General Music before 2017. Suggestion ideas to various musical brands especially before around 2005. Roman Catholic Cimahi Church Organ Installation 201? etc The KEY to musical way of living is only how NOTEs could SOUND together made beautiful in The Creator’s / Player’s / Director’s / Musician’s TIME / momentum along ONE’s linear going forward LIVE to bring down HEAVEN on this EARTH -> NOW. So, we are urged to make MUSIC FOR ALL!!! Thank you for reading it to down here. Yours sincerely; Widjaja (WA:+62811204740/+62818226997) with back up +6281SANTOSO For music with passion in search of THE better musical living.