Retirement–when to plan for it

Retirement–when to plan for it

Retirement planning is much like funeral planning, in that
people tend to put it off for another day. But it really
does make the best sense to get in and start reasonably

This not only allows you to see how you will be doing
financially, but you can make a retirement action plan as

Have a very close look at your superannuation plan and the
money you are putting in. How much will you have once
retired? What are your options for payout?

Considering inflation and your lifestyle will you have
enough to live on and do the things you want to do. A
financial adviser can be a great asset for these type of

For this it’s really never to soon to check in, perhaps in
the last ten years before retirement you can plan to top up
your retirement fund.

If you haven’t bothered much with putting money into your
plan, then start to do so. The more you can get into it the

Activities and time planning is another important area. You
might want to save for the trip of a lifetime, will your
retirement be a full or semi?

It might be a wonderful thought to be sitting back everyday
with your feet up, but if you are accustomed to an active
work life, you’ll get bored fairly quickly.

So think as basic as everyday activities you can do.
Gardening, sports, art, travel, craft, woodwork etc can all
bring a new dimension into your life.


Learning is always for a life time, indeed.

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