Retirement–is it time?

Retirement–is it time?

So just when do you retire, as soon as you reach retirement
age; do you hate the idea, or love it? How you feel about
retirement in general will probably decide when you retire.

Some people have no choice if the job is no longer
available to them past retirement age, yet some work way
beyond it.

Basically if you have no physical or health reasons, and
your employer is open to it you can stay on at work if you
choose too. The majority of employers are happy to keep
good employees on.

This decision will affect a partner as well, and possibly
the immediate family. It would be awful to sign on for
another five years to find out your wife/husband was
looking forward to doing other things when you retired.

You can try this: How to pay your goods.

If you want to stop working in a full time job, but don’t
feel like full retirement is warranted, ask about reduced
hours. You can also set yourself up in a business as a
consultant/tutor for what it is that you do.

Many folk buy into a small business, usually something they
can enjoy with their partner, like a small store or a

Nice little bed and breakfasts are a great way to have a
less-work oriented life but still keep your hand in. Plus
it can be seasonal, so you can jet off somewhere in the

Just remember there are many choices out there. This stage
of your life can mean you add more than ever before.

Learning is as always for a life time and killing one self is only sending one self into the life time miserable torturous hell.

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