Retirement and Depression

Retirement and Depression

It is not at all uncommon for people who have been used to
spending a lot of hours at work, to feel useless or as if
they aren’t worth anything anymore.

Retirement is the ending of one phase of life and the start
of a new one, so allow yourself or your partner the
separation time grievance period.

Often workplaces are a support system, and social network
as well as validation that we are worth something.

Here are some common signs of depression. Any, all, or a
combination of these may indicate a problem, or potential

Constant tiredness Reluctance to leave home Lack of
personal care Mood change A feeling of constant sadness
Lack of concentration Withdrawal from friends and family
Cease doing things that used to be enjoyed

The important thing to know is that depression can happen
to anyone and it isn’t something people can just snap out

People often put on a happy front even when depressed, it’s
the time the spend alone, that can signal depression.

Every single person in the world wants to feel they are
contributing and they have a purpose. Stopping work can
often take this away, especially if a close social base has
been formed in the workplace.

Make sure you are ready for retirement, many companies are
only too happy to have your continue beyond retirement age.
Be sure to seek help for depression, it is treatable, and
it is not a sign of weakness.

Yes, it is true – we are setting our future with our own decision and the we are living now and before.

I am also preparing my own retirement and I am looking forward to travelling and meeting various people again, being a Musical Digital Nomad Traveller every now and then: teaching and coaching music, helping people understanding how could live better with technology, more into ministry, etc.

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Learning is as always for a life time.

I teach and coach music and musical business while still working for used to be the only main top brands distributor for  Indonesia I have been working since early 1990 as the only musician, techie, coach, trainer, consultant, translator, endorsed artist and principals business escort, brand lobbyist, various top brand R&D collaborator, even rhodies, Master of Ceremony, Singer/Vocalist, PR, ads copy writer, advertorial author, multi instrumental demonstrator & clinician for various top brands, etc. Phew? No! Always giving thanks to the Almighty Super Being Musical Creator to allow me learn things while still alive.

So, come on cheer up my dear GOD’s beloved!

And you’ve got a real person netizen friend.

Take care. Widjaja (PAUL s Wang: my artist name when I studied Chinese and how the Chinese doing business from morning to late afternoon and then hop on the bus to Taipei to entertain people as musician in Taiwan).

Remember: GOD is good all the time!


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