Telephone Agent Customer Service

Telephone Agent Customer Service More and more companies are increasing their use of the telephone as the quickest and most convenient way of establishing customer contacts. Call centers and mail order is one of the fastest growing operations among many industries. It is essential that all employees represent their company with a professional and friendly […more]

How You Can Improve Customer Service

How You Can Improve Customer Service Build a World-Class Service Organization Today, as companies find it harder to differentiate their products and services, and customers demonstrate less brand loyalty than ever before, the ability to deliver superior support is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. With customer service software, companies of all types and […more]

Handling Difficult Customers

Handling Difficult Customers The customer is never wrong – and some customers use this principle completely. What can you do when faced with a difficult customer? Some customers make it their goal to ëcauseí strife when they shop. Do you argue with them or do you let them abuse the system? The answer is neither. […more]

Customer Service Woes

Customer Service Woes (enemy): Regardless of what you do in life, at some point you will have had to offer a customer service of some form, if you havenít had to offer it, you will have at some point been a customer. Customer service expectations are high. Even the smaller companies need to maintain a […more]

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training As a business provider you want to ensure all those working for you are supplying the same service. This is so that each time a customer enters your store or place of business they can expect the same service quality. Not all persons in your business will be the same, but, with […more]

Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs Jobs that cover customer service can be found in the following: * Audio Equipment Salesperson * Automobile Salesperson * Car Rental Agent * Clothing Salesperson * Computer Salesperson * Retail Counter Clerk * Retail Department Store Clerk * Furniture Salesperson * Hardware Store Clerk * Jewelry Salesperson * Retail Sales Associate * […more]

Customer Service And First Impressions

Customer Service And First Impressions Customers make instant impressions of a business from the moment they walk in. A messy and disorganized store/business can leave a bad impression. If you are a food establishment, the cleanliness of your location is the primary way in which your customer makes their impression. Even if they can’t see […more]

Yes! Complaints Are Not Always A Bad Thing

Yes! Complaints Are Not Always A Bad Thing Complaining customers are a scary proposition for many professionals, but the complaint situation represents an opportunity – not necessarily a problem. If you deal with a person’s concerns respectfully and helpfully, your effort and consideration will almost always be appreciated, and former “complainers” will walk away feeling […more]

Choosing Your Staff

Choosing Your Staff When you are hiring persons to work in your store/business, you want to ensure you are promoting your ideals through the right people. Having a person who is not approachable, doesnít “look the part”, is rude or sarcastic, doesnít smile, or is generally incompetent will hurt your business. There are skills and […more]

Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tips Ensuring the customer who keeps you in business is satisfied is crutcial. Here are some simple tips on how to maximize your customer service: 1. Keep in mind the quality of customer service can never surpass the quality of the people who provide it. Keeping those who work for you happy will […more]


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