Best Domain Names FOR SALE !

Yes, best domain names for sale! That’s why even if you want to buy them from any registrar, you will be informed that the any of these domain names are taken – then the registrar will try to offer you with such a special high price after acquiring them from me – or to offer you with so stupid dirt cheap price for a reason I’d better keep quite.

Here are the most suitable and best domain names for your business with some starting free ideas:

And for sure, this special limited offer is only for you who get them first – a collection of the brand name: PASAR. Pasar means MARKET where buyers meet their sellers, where demand meet supply. PASAR can be the name of your only 2 syllables brand like: Sony, Nike, Apple, etc.

Here are some of the pasar based domain names:

Next is with domain name focus on: 2b1 read as two be one or to be one:

Next is with domain name focus on: 1one or reversed one1 to catch people’s typo or can be deliberately and purposely for marketing differentiation.

Next are domain name with special strategies:


Please put your offering price in the comment and the highest price offer will be first considered. Thank you for reading even down to this line.