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Would you dare to pass this before fulfilling your curiosity to know more of me? Affiliate Bootcamp: This is a $997 training course we give away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing. This also takes them through the process to become a ClickFunnels affiliate and how our 'Dream Car" bonus works. You will be set up as their 2nd tier affiliate once they sign up. What's Your Dream Car: This is a link that takes them directly to sign up to be an affiliate for ClickFunnels and how our "Dream Car" bonus works. You will be set up as their 2nd tier affiliate once they sign up. Born in a mixture of Cigarette Factory Family business (you can check my genealogy from Bentoel Museum in Malang, Indonesia), Christian Ministry, Palawija Business Family, Sort of Gnostic Spiritual Family, Army Background Family, Professionals Background family, 8am-5pm office worker background family - and believe it or not all with diverse musical backgrounds: Classical, Marching DCI type, Jazz, Pop Rock, Chinese Ethnic, Javanese Ethnic, Manadonese Ethnic - mostly multi instrumentalist parental background. And I got nearly all of them plus Artificial Intelligent passion living with technology ever since I was plunged into AISB in UK while delving into K's teaching. Experiencing various bankruptcy, so hoping please learn from the failures I experienced hence you don't have to experience the same fate. As a product specialist and brand strategist handling various brands to be in the best coopetition momentums, you can tap my past, now, and future for your better profit. The approach I have been delving into even since I was in my second high school while teaching Kolintang Music to a Women International Club kolintang band and did gigs for parties with my band - is: The Musical Solution Approach. Why? Because we are living in such a musical world. Now, you've got a netizen friend just in case you need my service.

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My WA PSW PSWmusical Wealthy Affiliate, Welcome to join me in this helping each other community. Hello world! – ‘Best with hope the most suitable suggestion for your needs.’

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Get your Online Entrepreneur Certification – Building a Website Ain’t Scary, It’s FUN! Getting Started Level 1:

How to build your niche website?

How to build your niche website Starting with a big piece today, your website. We are going to be taking our niche idea and turning it into a tangible business starting with your website. Here is HOW.

Still confused with Niche Marketing?

Still confused with Niche Marketing? Join our discussion and who knows will help you get the hang of it.

Dare to share your goal income target?

Would you dare this challenge? Sharing your money goal setting here to get helped to reach your goal?    

The most basic guidance to live a life

The most basic guidance to live a life For sure, living is all about giving and taking in return as from the beginning we are given already in the first place. Now, if we are living in a nowhere land in a nowhere forest: we only need to HUNT and FIND vegetables plus water to […more]

Customer service

All about customer service. Every one of us is either a customer or having a customer in this world, whatever business we are in. So, to equip my subscriber with helping information – here is a set of articles focusing on: Customer Service I put in my English BLOG. Curious? Here is the link:  […more]

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Only to my subscriber, now you can: Download – FreePSWmusicalSolutionEbook1.pdf I am so sorry for the late published date. The next one is coming. Sorry for slow internet no good for online musical learning at the moment. Please check our communication. Please feel free to invite others positive in mind to subscribe. From your […more]