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Yes, I am a Musical Solution Multi Instruments Product Specialist, Multi Brands Marketer, Musical Behavioural approachCoach, Consultant, and used to be an multi instrument singer songwriter arranger composer artist.

While still in my first grade of junior high school, beside being in the school band, recorder ensemble, Guitar ensemble, singing in the school choir – after school, I taught a group of WIC (Women International Club) Aunties and Grandmas KOLINTANG music band. And plunged to be a member by my school principal into the so called Pusat Musik Liturgi in Malang.

Saturdays and Sundays are my time being a Church Organist and Bass Singer in nearly all Catholic churches and chapels in Malang.

While occasionally being part of the musical ministry at my KOLINTANG teacher’s Pentacostal Bethel Church where I met uncle Eddie Karamoy the “guitar devil” then turned into GOD’s praise&worshipper jazz guitarist we minister together at Pulo Laut prayer gathering in Bandung after I go back home from UK.

In Malang, My Avia NADA Band colleagues called me PAULUS santoso widjaja while my school band friends keep calling me as MPEK meaning Dad’s elder brother in Fukienese Javanese.

In Taiwan, people called me as PAUL WANG being part of The Diplomat Band or in Chinese Mandarin: Wai Xiao Band – as the drummer. With The Easy Rider club band: started as the pianist&keyboardist&vocalist, but I had my own session as an Acoustic Guitarist Singer and in other sessions as a bassist or drummer accompanying other Guitarist Singers. If there was no TV sessions or Concert gigs, I did solo piano gigs at some under ground clubs below the road surfaces.

In the community band at Brockwood Park mostly as the pianist or drummer or computer musician, but in the choir of course as a vocalist and sometime playing the flute part.

Back home to Indonesia then getting a job joining Vaya Tour travel as out bound officer and tour leader not long then grabbed to join insurance company to expand Bandung area which then till now my house is in Bandung even though I have been working for the main musical instruments and pro audio and computer music and music education distributor for Indonesia since early 1990 2days a week. While still doing recordings, arranging music, composing music, writing songs, and of course being the founder of Roland Indonesia Newsletter, travelling Indonesia teaching coaching training dealers and musicians plus being part of some top brands R&D’s collaborations

For sure, all of these musical happenings will never be in existence if my grandpa all rounder Jack and my Dad Jazzy Hans did not introduce music to my early age. Plus my rock n roll uncle Khong or Halim and my dentist classical aunty Yang or Suryanti. Not forgetting The Band Bentoel Malang starting from the embryo band you can see one of the photos on my international FaceBook Santoso.Widjaja to the era of the funk and then the rock era getting some of renown Indonesian musicians – learning is for a life time even while learning the cigarette factory business.

OR maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe?

Being born in a cigarette factory family business from my father side with influence from several denominations of Christianity plus some other beliefs have been quite really battle in the mind game! And eventually, regret has no positif result after things are too late to mend and repair. Hopefully, others can learn from my mistakes hence no need to repeat again the stupid mistakes again. I may also share via my special YouTube PAULusSANtoso.com Channel – so please check and don’t forget ojolali.net jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE and Activate The BELL.

Eventually in this older age, I have to admit that I need to have my own business and not only my sort of comfort zone job even so it is accordingly to my hobby and heart calling ministry: music and musical things. Again, please do not repeat my stupid comfort zone.

Anyway, it is still better too late rather then never.

So, I have been fighting my best to gain online business to support my musical ministry while I can not use my own office work salary to start my own business. And theory is alot easier said then done, starting up a business on a shoes string. Even more when you get support, yet it doesn’t matter how much money you have saved – eventually got to be spent for the sake of running the family and the dreamed business never take off. Well, should I divorce my spouse? Worldly of course yes, but this “what God put together, huMAN should not separate” keep hindering me from doing so. This a real dilemma in this real world. But, thanks to GOD that later there no such thing anymore in heaven. Delusion? I hope not!

So, here I am with life begins at 60 dreaming of having a good prosperous laptop style living – so, after I retire I could travel again meeting people sharing GOD’s goodness including Musical Solution ideas.

Now, you know me more. So, if you join me – at least freely as a subscriber – then you are also part of what I have been doing – and being part of my dream, too!

To join me as a free member, please use this double optin form to make sure that your registration is yours and no one else registering you as after this you will have to check your email and confirm that is you are registering. Thank you for making me add 1 more friend again.

Paid member registration is coming, but even with Free member – you will get discount to have 1 on 1 services from me and my team. And for sure, together we are making this aged world but with some young at heart people we are growing our better communities. 1 enemy is already too many and millions of good friends are not yet enough (PSWmusik).



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